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Recent content by eli77

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    Quick question for the guys 40 and over

    what is it that you do?
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    Quick question for the guys 40 and over

    Girl friends have you heard of it?
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    Dealing with other mens verbal abuse

    been in these situations catch them alone and try to avoid any physical confrontation.
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    One of the few female dating coaches that knows what she's talking about?

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    Quick question for the guys 40 and over

    Do you feel you've accomplished what you set out to accomplish up until now financially physically and emotionally physically i'm in great shape for guy my age financially I would like to be making a minimum 90 grand for the rest of my life or have 5.5 million after taxes that's my number so to...
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    Article: Is Everyone on Steroids?

    Awesome post
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    anyone know anyone who had a D.U.I ?

    seems like a free for all here in miami everyone has a story either they were hit by a guy or girl under the influence or the opposite
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    2 banks collapsed

    What a mess I doubt it be as bad as the recession of 09
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    Quick question for all my brothers on here who discovered this site while in the military post 9/11?

    Okay so if you went in the military after 2001 let me ask you something has the dating culture changed at all I hear a lot of officers take advantage of girls especially in the army what do you have to say about the military subculture and the changes of the last decade?
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    I think the future is going down here for generation z after articles like this

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    Keys to the VIP

    I always prefer blind date the TV show maybe that's me.
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    Update : Almost one year after divorce

    Good for you man I missed you earlier post but i'm glad it worked out for you I don't know how old you are but hopefully you're still young enough to reciprocate get another trade or degree and go on with your life