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Recent content by eli77

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    Top Soccer player Kaka's wife divorcing him, cause he's too perfect

    This reminds me of eva longorias situation way back when with the ball player!
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    You're 18 again do you sleep with the high school s*** the cougar the m*** or wait for college?

    As a '80s baby I had a overcrowded high school with a lot of cute girls some more slutty than others. If you had to do it over again would you lose your virginity to the high school s*** your neighborhood m*** cougar or just wait till you join the military or college.?
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    What's all the hate with the travel bros?

    Seems so unnecessary.
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    Ariana grande has to pay a mil plus to her ex.

    She has to pay over a million dollars in a settlement to her ex is this a rare occurrence? I believe so.
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    Arianny celeste retires.

    Cute card girl had been part of the UfC for a while.Playboy plamate I believe.A ten in my book.
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    Dune yay or nay?

    I saw the original over 20 years ago how are you guys liking the remake?
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    Drugs, Alcohol, Sugar Baby, Stripper, A-list Actors

    That's why I recommend you go to your high school reunion and don't envy the guys who got laid a lot in high school in college divorce rate is over 50% for a reason
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    What female actress or model over the age of 40 do you think has aged well?

    I'm going to go with cindy crawford carmen electra and without a doubt brooke shields
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    Took magic mushrooms last night, what an experience

    How thirsty were you?