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Recent content by Don Dark Horse

  1. Don Dark Horse

    "What's in it for me???"

    My first reaction was "bruh what kind of bio is that?" but if its working for you, then great.
  2. Don Dark Horse

    OLD - Agreed Upon Meetup, After Some Drag Time

    Leave her on read and move on. The only way you can actually find someone meaningful is when you are not desperate. Else the person you find will accept someone who is desperate. Level up, keep putting yourself out there and don't rush into anything serious.
  3. Don Dark Horse

    My latest Field Report (April-1st-2022)

    Well done mate. Everything was handled well. Not pushing any dates with being needy over text. Making your intentions clear. Strike this one off as great practice. We move. Something I am tryna work on too. No biggie man. Keep it up.
  4. Don Dark Horse

    How do you guys tell legit Lay Reports apart from BS ones?

    Proof or it didn't happen. Some guys like talking rubbish and put spice on everything. Unless it comes from a source you already trust.
  5. Don Dark Horse

    Am I coming on too strong over text? Asking too soon for the date.

    I am Zoomer, dealing mainly with zoomer chicks. Not against milfs tho. ------------------------- Thanks for the responses, everybody. I actually went for a session of hot yoga with LJBF girl. She wanted to talk afterward so I asked her for coffee. Happy just being her friend, perhaps she has...
  6. Don Dark Horse

    Am I coming on too strong over text? Asking too soon for the date.

    haha thank you derby, always enjoy your responses. 2nd lady ghosted after that text. I could see it coming as soon as got no response within the first few mins. We were going back and forth for a few mins. She had sent a VN to me and I sent that text back. Could not agree more with you Robby...
  7. Don Dark Horse

    Am I coming on too strong over text? Asking too soon for the date.

    This would've been a lot better. Thanks mate. I was thinking the same regarding the first girl. And she seemed like she was interested until the following day when she claimed she did not have time this semester to pursue anything romantically. She said she was still keen to go for a yoga class...
  8. Don Dark Horse

    Why are lot of online "manosphere" forums about guys "venting" their frustrations?

    There is more than enough material in this forum for you to not need to buy any such book. The venters often aren't willing to put in the work as well. Hence them venting.
  9. Don Dark Horse

    Sex Positions

    try standing with her back to you, pressing her front against a wall
  10. Don Dark Horse

    Quitting my Government Job To work with Younger Women

    Being around younger people would open you up to more opportunities to meet other younger people. So looking for a job not just with younger women but men too would help. New circles of friends to meet, livelier social lives. See what is out there mate.
  11. Don Dark Horse

    Am I coming on too strong over text? Asking too soon for the date.

    Recently had 2 girls put off by asking them too soon for drinks, over text. The first one I thought was really about it and said she could not make the day I proposed and offered 2 alternate nights. Silly me was a bit too accomodating and said yeah the first night works. Had I said that I'll be...
  12. Don Dark Horse

    Too much interest too soon. = Boyfriend in Picture

    There is this catch 22 over text, where if you want to make plans and ask too quickly (within a few messages of saying hi) you come off too strong and they get put off but when you chat and talk rubbish for a few days before asking out they land up ghosting.
  13. Don Dark Horse

    My guide to helping young guys pull chicks -I wish someone told me this

    Your post is A1 bro! Agree with all you said. Esp the part about moving cities or traveling. Travelling makes finding girls a lot easier! All of a sudden you are a rare delicacy once you visit other countries. Hit the nail on the head. Few.
  14. Don Dark Horse

    Chasing sex is still chasing women. (Long vent)

    When you are scared to do something is exactly when you should do it. Not wait until your brain makes up a logical reason not to.
  15. Don Dark Horse

    Chasing sex is still chasing women. (Long vent)

    guy be calling Z an incel smh.. how can you expect to hold frame with a girl when you cannot do so on an anon forum?