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  1. diogenes84

    How women make it easy when they like you

    assume it IS this way. she DOES want you. I mean she would really miss out if not right? fake it till you make it. you are not bad looking from you rprofile pic so just believe in yourself and turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy. and shrug it off if you messup sometimes (also happenend to me...
  2. diogenes84

    Got out of the friend zone again! ... but now catching myself obsessing. Advice needed

    T thank you for your reply! the advice would have been spot on at this time. If you look 3 posts above you will find I got over this One-itis and (subjectively) leveled up my game and life around it thanks to Rollo and people like you and stringpuller etc.
  3. diogenes84

    Got out of the friend zone again! ... but now catching myself obsessing. Advice needed

    I only wanted to thank you publically! I have absolutely reached the next level reading these 3 books and applying them to my life. Not only with my intimate relationships (multiple plates, some completely submissive, great sex, zero obligations) and success on tinder and rel life but also in my...
  4. diogenes84

    How women make it easy when they like you

    I dont think its BS... I had a submissive female CEO who actually sent me loads of presents from the US and came to visit me everytime she went to europe. Changing her business plans timewise to accomodate my schedule and making unnecessary stops at Berlin when visiting France etc.: just to get...
  5. diogenes84

    How women make it easy when they like you

    I also found that women NEVER touch you accidently. I used to often move away subconsciously or feel awkward or like I was offensive and found that they kind of test your confidence like that after you send them some signals. and the best thing to do is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. pretend like you dont...
  6. diogenes84

    Truth about online dating in 2020, thoughts?

    you are both right. But needing game to close the deal on something doesn't change the fact that we all pick someone based on looks first. Why would they be different than us in this respect? And chuckling a bit at the "how do I know?: They tell me" part. But hey who knows ;)
  7. diogenes84

    The smelling works... ooohhh yeahhhh!

    Yes I think you are right. We have only limited access to our subconscious and I would suspect women being more emotional and less rational even more so ^^ I guess many of you know attraction through pheromones works great in animals and there is some left in humans. Most girls I've been with...
  8. diogenes84

    i'm an online SD and im lovin it :)

    enlighten us ^^
  9. diogenes84

    i'm an online SD and im lovin it :)

    Amen! And not just women... If you dont respect yourself, people around you wont either!
  10. diogenes84

    Coffee shop owner kicked me out for "2-3 employees complaining over last several months, making them uncomfortable"

    I also see how it could seem like that even though Im sure you didnt mean it that way. Just find a different place to work from now on. Im sure employees at a place would be uncomfortable if I came there often after asking them out...unless you manage to do it in a reeally playful way that...
  11. diogenes84

    How does one trust again?

    this is a great post. thx for sharing your personal experience in an honest way!
  12. diogenes84

    How does one trust again?

    Unfortunately I only found this out recently! Its stunning to see how acting unpredictable or even affronting them sometimes will actually arouse them and raise IL instead of insulting or alienating them. Also very true what has been said before: Most of this stuff is subconscious for them so...
  13. diogenes84

    10 years at SoSuave

    quite a nice resumé you came up with there. thx for sharing! I agree with many of the explanations, roots, causes etc. you mentioned. "The next step in the equation is your childhood interactions with your parents, especially your mother. Your relationship with her and the interactions with her...
  14. diogenes84

    How does one trust again?

    my gut feeling after reading your post is: you are creating a lot of drama. For example: Even if your first reaction is to not answer the phone its kind of childish to do so in the long run unless you REALLY dont want anymore of her. Complaining to her about things not being fair etc. just gives...
  15. diogenes84

    Condom usage

    In Europe more than 90% of people have herpes (it stays in your Ganglia for the rest of your life)...medical fact. Its just that it only breaks out very rarely on most of them and even then its usually only the lips (if you are lucky). Also you only get it by having contact with fluid from...