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Recent content by Bible_Belt

  1. Bible_Belt

    Why do you guys like American football so much?

    College football is better than the nfl, especially sec. Bigger and more engaged crowds, an entirely different atmosphere. In alabama, there are no pro sports. Everyone chooses a side in the bama v auburn rivalry. The iron bowl that auburn won on the last play by returning a field goal...
  2. Bible_Belt


    This conversation is going down a deep dark hole...
  3. Bible_Belt

    Simone Biles quit on the country and her teammates....

    I agree. She had to talk sh1t at her last competition by wearing a top with a goat pattern on the sleeve. I don't think the greatest of all time would fold under pressure like that. Can you imagine an nfl quarterback quitting on his team right before the super bowl? He would be getting death...
  4. Bible_Belt

    Crypto trading

    I wasn't talking to you, dipsh1t. Sosuave is not an investment web site and does not have adequate legal disclaimers to prevent ignorant people from thinking you offer credible advice. People who listen to you are stupid, and will probably lose money. Someone needs to follow you idiots...
  5. Bible_Belt

    Crypto trading

    You are human scum for peddling this trash to people. The reason that there are licenses in the financial world is so that they can be taken away from people like you. Enjoy your pyramid scheme all you like, but when you are on here telling people a highly speculative investment is a sure...
  6. Bible_Belt

    Where are the bitcoin lovers now?

    Keep that number. You'll need it eventually.
  7. Bible_Belt

    If we Had the Options women Have

    Yep. With bees, the males do no work and just hang around for sex, but when winter comes, the females don't let them back into the hive, and they freeze to death.
  8. Bible_Belt

    How do you LTR guys do it...

    My gf takes my desire for other women and just sucks it out of me.
  9. Bible_Belt

    One Stroke Leads To Another - Fapped To Death

    I think a lot of guys probably die from heart attacks during sex. I could see myself expiring that way someday. "He died doing what he loved."
  10. Bible_Belt

    Do you guys feel like doing nothing after a workday?

    I had a job for a couple of years once. That was awful. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Working ages you. So do children. Avoid those two things and you will age much more slowly, probably because of all the sleep you get to enjoy without kids or a job.
  11. Bible_Belt

    Experienced Players Only: The fine line between reaching out too much and being too distant ..

    I respect your success with girls, but fwiw I have never, nor would ever, text like that. I am not against texting, but would use it to build my own rapport, as in try to see if the girl is worth any effort from me.
  12. Bible_Belt

    Crypto trading

    The article was based on data collected before the recent cpi numbers that showed inflation. I suspect the institutions will change their tune if bitcoin fails to deliver on the promise of being an inflation hedge. I would go one step farther and attribute the rise of bitcoin to the rampant...
  13. Bible_Belt

    Crypto trading

    Wasnt it just elon talking up ethereum? Which he probably did because btc dropped under 30k.
  14. Bible_Belt

    Lambda variant is here, time for another shot

    Lamba comes from peru, which has a high vax rate and a high death rate. This looks like a variant that has jumped vaccine resistance, which is why no one is talking about it. The shot still works on delta, so delta is going to be all you hear about.
  15. Bible_Belt

    Are you going to get the covid vaccine shot now that the delta version is spreading fast?

    Lambda out of peru is much worse than delta. Peru has a high vax rate and also a high death rate from covid. It may be that lambda is the variant that has overcome the vaccine. Texas detected a case of it this week.