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Recent content by Bible_Belt

  1. Bible_Belt

    Mike tyson returns to boxing

    Well that was pretty boring. They both looked old, fat, and slow.
  2. Bible_Belt

    Do men have friendzones?

    There was actually a piece of research that found most male female friendships existed because one side wanted to fvck the other side, but was not able to communicate or accomplish that goal. The other side of the friendship tended to be oblivious.
  3. Bible_Belt

    So my secretary came to my house... part end

    It reads like a deposition in a sexual harassment lawsuit. The boyfriend is her witness.
  4. Bible_Belt

    Certain career fields require a certain determination/ambition

    My local police departments only require a high school diploma. Many of the officers are college student age. Idk if the state requires a 2 year degree or not for troopers, certainly not a 4 year. College degrees are much more likely to be held among federal level police. I think the fbi...
  5. Bible_Belt

    Im thinking of getting a dog.

    Working breeds like the gsd especially need a job, or else they will find one for themselves, like barking nonstop or destroying everything you own. I will probably always own one, but I can spend time with the dog and not lock it in an apartment all day. If you work a 9 to 5 and no one is...
  6. Bible_Belt

    Water filters?

    Reverse osmosis under counter systems are about $150us. There is a cost per gallon with any water filter. Carbon removes lead and is simpler and cheaper than ro. In theory, if you bought activated charcoal, you could make your own filter as well, but it probably wouldn't be worth the effort...
  7. Bible_Belt

    Experience with tadalafil 20mg

    You only need half a pill, and about a quarter to a fifth of a pill if you take it every day. Viagra is better if you are not in a relationship and getting regular sex, and same story about only needing half to a quarter of a 100mg pill. Viagra also is inhibited by food in your stomach...
  8. Bible_Belt

    Need Moderators? Sign Me Up!

    "criticizing other mods is unacceptable as it creates a hostile environment" Codified groupthink...and the essence of blue pill mentality.
  9. Bible_Belt

    Not trying to be an ass but its already 2 weeks...

    The Republican state legislature leaders of az, mi, wi, and pa have all said that they will award electors in regard to the totals of the certified vote, as they normally do. That's what we know at this point. But they do still have time to change their mind, as unlikely as it seems at this...
  10. Bible_Belt

    Need help gaming 21 to 24 demographic.

    Times have changed. It is a different economy. When I was 21, I was a stockbroker. Today's average 21 y/o is doing well to hold down a fast food job. Those guys are too broke to take women on dates, so to girls that age it is somewhat of an alien concept, and it also draws attention to the...
  11. Bible_Belt

    Need help gaming 21 to 24 demographic.

    25 to 26 is about the start of baby making age and thus a change of priorities in selection of a man. Younger than that, and life is still just a party.
  12. Bible_Belt

    Fiance is getting fat and ugly

    Does she snore yet? It's coming, if not. You'll be on the couch if you want any sleep.
  13. Bible_Belt

    Covid mutating into a vaccine resistant form

    "Is it not written to not put God to the test?" And that's before we get into the do unto others aspect of not making other people breathe your germs. There's also give to caeser what is caesers, meaning that Christians should, for the most part, follow the law...like the mask orders.
  14. Bible_Belt

    Sub Dom games

    Not that I am telling you to do this at work, but they make wearable bluetooth vibrators that you can control with your phone. It would add some fun to a business lunch.
  15. Bible_Belt

    Covid mutating into a vaccine resistant form

    It does bring up the concept of freedom to, versus freedom from. The police refuse to enforce the mask order, which is the law in my area, so we all have the freedom *to* go infect each other, versus the freedom *from* being subjected to dangerous ignorance...cuz 'merica!