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Recent content by Bible_Belt

  1. Bible_Belt

    Internet Suppression - Your Thoughts?

    Yes, but I think they are just trying to keep the government off their backs. If they don't censor anti vaxxers, they might later be stuck with a huge fine and blamed for low vaccination rates. The artificial intelligence does all of the real decision making about what content you are fed, and...
  2. Bible_Belt

    Legal Weed VS Street Weed

    The 19 to 1 is probably the thc to cbd ratio. Sativas also have thcv, that could be the 1 also. Truthfully, every kind of weed on the market is actually a hybrid of indica and sativa. The only pure one of either would be a land race. Indicas come from the hindu kush mountain range and...
  3. Bible_Belt

    ED after drinking too much

    Eat half a viagra.
  4. Bible_Belt

    Legal Weed VS Street Weed

    It just depends on where you are. It sucks in illinois. I have heard the stuff in vegas is awful too. There are certain chemicals than can be used in growing to make the buds look great, but when smoked they are low potency and taste bad, also contain heavy metals and who knows what else...
  5. Bible_Belt

    How Would you Invest Lottery Winnings?

    Never playing the lottery again would be a financially sound practice.
  6. Bible_Belt

    Investopedia stock simulator, new business idea, and what licenses and or certifications would I need?

    You would need at minimum a series 7 license to sell securities, because by guaranteeing a return, you fall under securities regulation. A firm sponsorship is required. They make you a cold calling slave for six to twelve months before they let you take the test. And then you sell what they...
  7. Bible_Belt

    When white knights are your lawmakers/leaders...

    The bill's author has called it a parody, meant to protest the Texas abortion law.
  8. Bible_Belt

    Am I interpreting this correctly?

    The last time I played a simulator, I made 50 percent in about a month, because I was picking stocks for a girlfriend's college class, where the professor taught random walk theory, which says profitable trading is impossible. Everyone else in the class was around breakeven. I enjoyed hearing...
  9. Bible_Belt

    Norway's approach for covid

    Pregnant women are much more likely to kill their baby by getting covid while unvaccinated than they are to miscarry after being vaccinated. Women have miscarriages all the time, inevitably some will after being vaccinated. Then that story gets shared on Facebook a million times, because dead...
  10. Bible_Belt

    Norway's approach for covid

    Fwiw I'm in Illinois. Chicago and metro east st Louis are blue, the rest of the state is red. It's a blue state by population, but geographically almost all of the counties are red. Southern illinois sided with the south in the civil war. Culturally, it might as well be Alabama. I should...
  11. Bible_Belt

    Norway's approach for covid

    There was a funeral held in my town last weekend for a guy who did not die of covid, but died because the nearest hospital that would take him was 5 hours away. Everyone else's icu beds were full of covid patients. He coded and died a few hours into the ambulance ride. There is a good chance...
  12. Bible_Belt

    Do you think the USA military is getting sissified?

    The miltary has a difficult time getting enough recruits. That's what is behind the attempts at inclusion. A less manly army is better than none at all.
  13. Bible_Belt

    Sadness knocked my door

    Mom taught me to take a punch. I never got hit in mma anywhere near what being a little kid was like.
  14. Bible_Belt

    Help a brother out, confused

    She probably wants marriage and children. She isn't getting any younger. After 30, the chance of having a healthy baby starts to go down. You should both be on the same page in regard to your respective life goals.
  15. Bible_Belt

    What is in Dominoes Pizza?

    Lentils are great for pooping.