Women's thought processes vs. men's

Discussion in 'The Mature Man' started by WestCoaster, May 18, 2006.

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    Rollo T. commented on this earlier, but I can't find the thread. I'm late to the game in understanding women's thought processes (notice I didn't say "figured out" as I'll never do that) and Rollo commented on women's thought processes are focused on emotion. I'd say men's are focused on logic.

    This came to me this week when I commented on being seen with or heard about with other women and just how important this is. I was grilled as to why would one "lie" or "embellish" such stuff? Why? Well, to trigger the interest level of a woman through her EMOTIONS.

    A lot of guys here said, "Get a new hobbie!" "Sky dive!" "Your life sucks, get off the couch!" Yeah, correct on those things, but the guy should be doing that for himself, not the woman. As I noted earlier, women rarely care about your hobbies, do them for yourself.

    So you have to trigger the emotion of women. I believe it was PenKitten here, or perhaps the gal from Maine (can't remember the handle, sorry!) who said women want to feel EMOTION. That's how they deal with things.

    A friend of mine told me she likes a lot of drama in her life, even if it isn't good. She said, "I know, it sounds weird." I said, "Yep, sure does." Now I understand it a little more ... she wants to feel something.

    My boss is a woman and she does a lot of the same duties I do. We deal with students at a university. She deals with them different than I do. She has these long, drawn out sessions with them. I sit with them and try to solve their problems quick, without many issues, try to get them from point A to point B ... I'm not a shrink, but an advisor. Last week after one session, a student hugged my boss ... I thought that was a little odd. I'm very practical and business-like, I want to solve the problems; my boss wants to feel a deep connection with the students. I want to connect to, but more in an academic/business/realistic manner and shake hands afterwards. That's just the way most men are wired.

    When I turn AFC, I start thinking like a woman ... it's not fun. You start thinking emotionally and not logically. It's very easy to stumble down this AFC path, and sadly the last part of the 20th century and the early 21st century is the AFC era and it has brainwashed many a man ... including me.

    In dating, I'm quick to not date someone who doesn't appear right. It's my logical form of thinking: I have two choices, I could work hard on something that should be fun (a relationship), or I could move on to someone else who has a better attitude. It's logic, not emotion.

    But even being logical, you have to spark the emotions of women. Be seen with other women -- sparks their jealousy -- compliment them as well as tease them -- sparks their good and angry feelings.
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    A friend of mine gave me this simple advice (perhaps taken from someplace else?):

    Men are: DIRECT & CORRECT

    and he liked to throw in that you should never take anything they say seriously, their words are constantly driven by emotion and what they are feeling at the moment. Listen to their actions always.

    That's why inexperienced guys translate "I hate you, I'm leaving you" into "she hates me and is leaving me." These guys interpret it as direct and correct and try to process it logically. Then we really screw up, trying to fix and solve things and worse yet, dwelling trying to understand the why's. Blamo -> AFC and ONE-itis.

    Meanwhile the experienced + confident guys translate the same thing to "be cool, she'll get over it, don't say anything, she'll back before you know it, maybe she'll even beg to come back". This guys realizes it is actually a setback to interpret her words in a direct and correct manner. Not to mention, saying almost anything to them will just continue to be processed in an emotional manner.

    One reason I like this site. It advocates covert vs overt. It stresses watching actions not words. And the list goes on and on...

    You really nailed one point. When we turn AFC we start acting on our emotions and feelings instead of logic, confidence, assertiveness. Ironically, the very things the HB's are drawn towards.
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    This supports my Borg/Hive mind theory

    Women consult all known influences in order make sure they feel a consistant emotion between them.... it all fits now!

    (Sorry WestCoaster, this thread is more appropriate for this post than the other thread.)


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