Strength Goals and Max Testing

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    We talk about the big lifts a lot around here and getting stronger on them. Here are the number goals you guys should be working towards on these lifts for a reasonable strength base for the average guy that wants to have a body that'll turn heads....i'll quote Iron Addict right here

    A bench of at LEAST 250-315 lbs for at least a few reps
    Dipping with at LEAST 50-75+ strapped to your waist for 6-8 reps
    Rows and/or pull-downs with at LEAST 200-275 for 6-8 reps
    Military or dumbbell shoulder press with at LEAST 150-175 for 6-8 reps
    Squatting/deadlifting at LEAST 350-450 for 6-8 reps
    Weighted Abs at LEAST 100lbs for reps

    So how do we figure out where we are? Max Testing!!! After every 4weeks of training i would devote a week to max testing. What you do is this

    Monday- Max Squat test 3rep or 5rep max
    Wed- Max Bench Press 3rep or 5rep max and Row test 5repmax
    Fri- Max Deadlift test 3rep or 5rep max

    Unless your experienced with doing 1 rep maxes i would perfer you to do 5rep or 3rep max tests to be on the safe side. Whatever max you choose to do stay with that so you can keep comparing the results and see if your lifts are increasing. Also notice where your missing your lifts during your max test. Are you getting stuck on the bottom? Middle? Top? Is a particular muscle holding you back? Do you move in certain way to compensate for a weakness?

    Its also good to have a spotter but make a good pick. Make it clear to the spotter that you do not want them to touch the bar unless you say help. If the spotter helps you in anyway other than verbally the max doesn't count.

    Ok with all that said whats the best way to reach the training goals previously outlined?

    Powerlifting training! I'm positive that everyone on this forum would make great progress on a WSB routine. Here are some links to some great WSB routines.
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    Looks like I qualify. :D
  3. spesmilitis

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    Im there with dips, i'll get there with pulls up begging of next year , deadlifts by spring of next year. The rest. . . .probably 2 years.
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    Got the deads(365x3). Soon on the squats (315x3). Got the dips (+60x8). Bench is about 60lbs short(190x2). Rows/PDowns...ehhhh..

    I tend to do reps of 3-5 anyways...

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