Plenty of Fish: the return and farewell of the Ninja.

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    What's up people. I haven't been on here in a long time and most likely won't be on the site ever again. To be honest I'd gotten bored visiting this site and posting on it. This will most likely be my last ever thread on here as well as advice (take it or leave it) regarding Plenty of Fish.

    Updated messages sent to get responses:

    1) Believe it or not. As dumb as the below message sounds, it works in getting replies from chicks like crazy. Just copy and paste the title and whole body into your email the banana dances and the bye waves in the email on POF. Don't be afraid to look 'foolish' take the 'hot' chick off the pedestal and send it:

    Title: I'm a silly little penguin!

    Body: I may be a silly little penguin…But that's beside the point..Congratulations are in order here! If I ever meet the owner of Plenty of Fish I’m going to demand to him that you be paid for your profile. For a free dating site, yours is THE greatest profile ever written in the history of online dating!

    I swear I’m going to print it out and post it on my fridge to admire…FOREVER..

    Keep up the good work you adorable heavenly blessed lil cutie! :banana:

    Ciao bella and have a great day. :bye:

    2) Saw this on here from another poster a while ago. SIMPLE AND GREATLY EFFECTIVE in getting replies. No joke.

    Title: Good profile! But...

    Body: Good profile! But I'd change that picture...

    Chicks will respond a LOT to that simple message. Responses will be: Why? which one?

    Simply pick out a 'better' pic on their profile for them to use as their main pic or which one was too dark, blurry etc to get them more 'quality' responses to their profile.

    Put in a question: How's this silly site treating you so far? after you tell them about which picture of them you liked best. Chicks love to complain about the site.

    3) For chicks who view your profile yet never write email them the below. I've gotten several who just viewed me to respond or those who view me after either of the previous two emails didn't respond:

    Title: Oh okay...I see how it is!

    Body: Oh okay...I see how it is! So you think you can just waltz up to my profile, perv out to my pictures (or point at them and laugh) and not say anything? Don't be a spy. Say hi! :bye:

    Make quick small talk about the holidays or anything random and fun. After about three exchanges simply tell them:

    I'm not on this site much as I'm pretty busy. Send me your number and I'll text you mine and we can talk offline.

    IF they IGNORE your request for a number in a reply. IGNORE the fact they ignored your request. Chat two to three more emails.

    Chicks are testing to see if you freak out like a chump over their 'ignoring' your request or their refusing it in an email.

    You simply IGNORE it and chat like you never saw their refusal or the fact they ignored your request. You ask ONCE for a number.

    If after three more exchanges they don't just send their number on their own (most will just send it as you passed their 'possible desperate guy' test) then just stop responding completely and continue spamming more chicks. Some will just email you a few days later with their number.

    I'll post my profile body and headline in a reply below as well as advice on what is WELL KNOWN to be frequenting that site.
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    My headline (Taken from Silence of the Lambs): Make the bad man stop!
    I've also used: Santa Claus thinks I'm an A-Hole.

    My profile( I basically took all chicks 'dislikes' and flipped it on them):

    *********:stop: Warning!: My "profile" is not for the faint of heart.:stop: **************

    I am not your 'nice guy'. Read my headline if you read anything on here.

    VVV***Now ask yourself in all seriousness..Would YOU message or respond to a guy who's profile reads or comes off like the below?? I've seen the exact ‘requirements’ on chicks profiles and made my own version in reverse..****VVVVV

    “First off, I am NOT here to play games, so if you are NOT interested in sex, then I highly suggest you hit the back button now”.

    Also :

    IF YOU ARE TALLER THAN 5’3 THEN PLEASE HIT THE BACK BUTTON NOW !! I like my women on the petite side. Sorry if I sound like a douche, but that’s just how I feel.

    With that said, I am looking for a woman. NOT a girl, but a woman. I want a woman who talks like a woman (not a man).

    Oh yes, and you MUST have a tattoo on your lower back. That is a turn on for me. If you do NOT have a tattoo on your lower back, then you are NOT date-able.


    Also, I only date women who are fit. You must work out and have at least a set of “C’s”. Anything less and you will be deleted from my inbox. Sorry if I sound like a bastard, but I know what I want.

    Also, if you wear pants, I will NOT date you. You must wear a skirt. Wearing pants is ghetto, and I do not date ghetto.

    Oh, and I don’t like girls who watch soap operas, chick flicks, and Sex in the city. If you do, or have, we will NOT get along.

    You MUST be able to make me laugh! If you can't then you = :crying: Boo hoo!

    Okay, now that I’ve cleared all of that nonsense up, let me tell you about myself :

    I like music and I love going to restaurants (with you paying of course). I'm the sweetest person you'll ever meet. My family means the world to me. I’m very down to earth and I'm an open-minded individual. I like to meet all types of people. I love to laugh! If you think you’ve got what it takes and can handle me, then send me a message!!”

    And yes, that’s my parody.
    Does my parody sound absurd ? Yes, it does.
    But what is even more absurd is that a good number of women on this silly P.O.F site have profiles similar to my parody. In SOME cases, it’s not as severe (despite some female profiles being MUCH worse than my parody) but they do mention most of the stuff I've wrote about.

    Now THAT is absurd! :rolleyes:
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    As for chicks I've actually spoken to (trust EVERYTHING you've heard about that site is true.)

    Attention wh0res galore.

    Mental issues.

    Fresh out of damaging relationships (a lot still in them)

    chicks with court cases: custody, criminal you name it.

    Runaways. Yes. Runaways.

    PREGNANT. No joke.

    Multiple baby daddies.

    Married.(Separated) Same sh!t.

    Seaching for a man (but bi and not listed or mentioned till talking with them)

    Old pictures, trick angles, etc.

    I basically use that site as a hobby. Breaking balls and trolling it for the fun of it to pass downtime. Nothing more.

    You CAN use the messages to get replies and go for numbers and meet. I choose to meet people in real life. Chicks on Plenty of Fish are on that site for GOOD REASON and it's not good. The better looking are just if not more fvcked up. BELIEVE IT.

    It's up to YOU how you want to use that site.

    Don't read profiles.


    Get replies. THEN you can read and ask a question or two off their profile.

    Most chicks look at your PICTURES and a unique headline with an interesting, ridiculous email and reply.

    If they are mostly reading/deleting then why waste time tailoring specific messages to every chick who looks good in hopes for a reply that will just get deleted if you aren't good looking enough. SPAM THEM.

    IGNORE and don't believe the profile hype of chicks saying they don't respond to guys with shirtless pics. They are FULL OF IT.

    USe a beach shirtless pic ESPECIALLY if you work out and look good. Attach it to your first email. They'll reply even more. Just IGNORE the fact you know they are full of it. Chicks love sex too. They just will play good girl in public.
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    Ha I will chime in here as I have learned a lot about online game from the ninja, and I will attest to the "change the picture" opener as I'm the original poster on that here. That opener bats a good 8 out of 10 in my experience for responses.

    The main takeaways are have a good, funny, ****y profile up with some decent pictures, do that and use the examples ninja is giving you here for your messages and I guarantee you will score some online puzzy. At one point for me it was getting overwhelming as I was having too many chicks to deal with at once lol!
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    Title: Good profile! But...

    Body: Good profile! But I'd change that picture...

    This got me very varying responses. I got a TON of responses, but some were down right nasty.

    Reply 1: "Go **** urself" (And she deleted her profile too. It made her that mad)

    Reply 2: "Are you trying to "neg" me? You are an asshat of the highest order. Done and done."

    Reply 3: "why?" - This girl actually started a good convo with me and I plan to ask her to coffee on the next reply. I told her she looked really good in a different pic, and she seemed to appreciate the advice and changed her pic.

    So yeah, it's been all over the map. I simultaneously felt like a huge jerk and happy at the same time because I got an HB9 to respond favorably and be interested in me.

    I also changed my pic to something really douchey today, which shows off my real hairy chest and muscles. I got a crapload of messages, from HB5's and lower. I was just surprised I even got messages FROM girls, even though I wouldn't want to date them.

    Lesson: Being a douchey jerk seems to be some kind of path to scoreland (and it felt kind of fun). I'm just trying this out on OKC and POF for now, and eventually I will do it on Match. The thing is you have to be more careful on Match, because they will ban if you are too much of a jerk. I could care less if my POF or OKC gets banned though - they're free and I can make a new one under a dif email in a heartbeat. Match I pay for.

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