Learning to judge a woman’s actions through a kaleidoscope

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    This is really in response to this post I read earlier today


    Here at sosusave, we always give out advice such as, “keep spinning plates” and “next”, so suave basically takes a brute force approach to dealing with the opposite sex. I can’t say I disagree. This post is moreso to help you understand that dealing with women is not black and white. They aren’t formulas that can be equated.

    When dealing with women, you have to put their responses to your actions, or just their responses to you in general, through a kaleidoscope of sorts.

    What I mean by that is, you can say the exact same thing to the exact same woman, and she can give you a different response depending on how she values you.

    If I see a woman in the book store and I say “ you are beautiful, give me your phone number:

    Let’s break out the kaleidoscope and adjust the settings to fat 350 pound ma n

    Response: “Police help!”

    Again, let’s adjust to 200 pound well groomed and well dressed man:

    Response: Thanks but I’m taken.

    Yet again, let’s adjust to 160 pound 8% bodyfat guy who is well groomed

    Response: …. Sure, you want to go grab a bite to eat right now?

    It’s not necessarily how good you look or how much you weight though that is a big factor. Let me give you another example

    If I, as in backbreaker, a guy who is a known workaholic, says he sleeping in on a Tuesday and not working for the rest of the week, the first thing a woman is going to think is oh he is giving himself a much needed vacation. That’s good for him.

    If, lol fat back, the lazy slum alter ego of myself who holds down a part time job at best buy and plays video games all day long, says he is going to sleep in and take the rest of the week off, the first thing a woman is going to think is “that lazy fat bastard he needs to get himself up and get a real job”

    I say that to say, you have to,
    • take what women say with a grain of salt not even a gain. Like the whole damn bottle of salt, just drown that ****. She’s not fvcking busy, she’s not undecided, she’s doesn’t think you are a jerk, you just aren’t at that top notch for her on the kaleidoscope. Stop fvcking.. even listening to what women say when they say anything b eucdase 98% of it is seriously BS. Even my wife when she says things like I’m so nice and so sweet… all she is really saying is I am really attracted to you.
    you need to develop binary thinking when it comes to women. I don’t care what she says, what comes out of her mouth, if it’s anything other than her unzipping her pants or dropping to her keees or ageing to go on a date with you on your terms, you aren’t at that top kaleidoscope notch.

    The girl that brought me here, I chased that **** for 6 years lol. 6 mothervcking years. I hung on every word she said. I took her advice to heart. I believed the BS she spouted about how she couldn’t do this so I waited and I did this and did that. Once I actually.. b became who I am today and I don’t just mean financially I mean, a manhte man backbreaker , all that ****, all of it went out the window. It became like she had a homing device located on my ****. For 6 years.. it really was just as simple as, she wasn’t attracted to me.

    .2. take the advice, and the FIELD REPORTS hefe with that same bottle of salt.

    Lol, I can do ****, most of you probably could not, because well, I’m hot and well off lol. I KNOW I am very attractive. I know that woman behind the counter is taking a 2nd look at me out the corner of her eye. I have developed a pretty aggressive style when it comes to dealing with women that matches what I perceive myself to be in the eyes of women, and they eat it up.

    “So don’t necessarily do what I do if you are not…. “handsome” or good looking, or really in shape, because you won’t have the same results as I have, in fact you will probably be thought of as a creeper. My advice would be become a catch lol. but if you could not do that or chose not to, you need to figure out what your adjustment level is.

    If a guy is making mistake after mistake after mistake in his field reports yet is still getting laid, it doesn’t mean that women are easy or college girls are easy, or whatever, it means the guy is probably perceived as a top notch on the kaleidoscope.

    What I mean, sosuave provides us with a general understanding of the basic principles of how to deal with women. To that, we add our own personal flair.

    I will give you an example. And yes I’ve used this and yes it’s worked.. quite well a ctually. I’ve approached a woman before and asked for her number and pulled out my phone to program it and she would say no or give me a reason not to, whatever the reason I could care less what the reason is, and I would say “lol you mistake me as someone who takes no for answer. Give me your number” (smiling of course)… bam, done for.

    I've used a version of that I think twice and it worked both times I can remember, and one of hte girls it worked on is one of only 3 girls I actually say I dated excluslivly as a grown up, heather. within 3 weeks that girl was worshiping the ground i walked on. she was into me then but, well she is white and i am black and she didn't know what her parents would think about her dating a black guy but my agressivenes she decided what the hell why not. good girl.

    But the only reason I can do that is that I am making the perception hat I know she is into me beucase I KNOW I am attractive. There is no way in this girls mind to me that she doesn’t think I’m hot or at leaste good looking. So all I’m doing now is showing that I take what I want. That’s a turn on to a woman who finds you attractive. So not only have I gotten the number, she’s going to be curious as to how can this guy be this confident.. she’s gone from reluctant to curious.

    Lol my exact first words to my wife ever, I will enver forgot this were “look, we have been looking at each other for a week now, just give me your number and let’s stop playing around”

    That works for me. T hat might not work for you. if you are… not as physically in shape or genetically gifted or what not, you might have to take a different yet effective approach.

    [font=&quot]I remember in my drug using days, and this was some years ago. I was lol, actually in the drug house now that I think of it. this, very hot piece was in there, we were doing what we were doing. Everyone in there was all over her, except me. At this time in my life was overweight.. not ugly but bigger, I had no confidence, and well I had a crack pipe in mouth and I was high as a kite. But I mean I paid her like, zero attention she was the least of my concerns. I knew she wouldn’t tgalk to me. So by the end of the night she has made her way over to me and starts trying to talk to me and I’m still playing allof. At the time I was not comprending what was going on I was just trying to get high lol. so about 3am or so she says “hey come with me” and I say.. okay, so we get in her car and she says “I’m attracted to you, I want to go somewhere mofef private so we can chill”. I was like I’ll, be damned. As we started chilling she was like I waslked around like I had better more important things (“I don’t know like smoking crack”) than talking to her and I wasn’t fawning over her. We ended up going at it that night and another night than I kicked my hab it and never saw her again. But still, that was an important lesson to me as far as women are concerned. It might take a little b it more thinking / pl.anning if you are not 100% a catch but it can defiantly be done.
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    Backbreaker, how could you not be confident?

    If what you say is true, you are an exceptionally hot looking guy in elite shape, you are one of the 1% richest men in America, and you live in a town swimming with so many hotties that HB7s can't find boyfriends.
    You shouldn't even need game.

    The only way you could be more set up to have @ss fall into your lap without even trying is if you were famous.

    Work on that, would you?
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    can you define kaleidoscope some more? dont really understand that, but good read. thanks eh

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