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Two woman have send me a rectangle standing up. What does this mean?
Just found out that it is because my phone isn't compatible with her Iphone. So no worries.
As a busy person doing stuff managing sole proprietor business for the sake of the system's code, I would still love to give nurture for the higher self. Joining online communities rises my precious idea to influence my interest in some areas of thoughts exchange.

I love the outdoor sport to fill my desired activities such as Surf, Paragliding, Rock Climbing, Sky Diving, Skateboard, Biking, Motorcycling, Longboard,
i have this girl that's still a virgin, shes 23yrs..
I have fingered her twice though we didn't do it due to her resistance.. but my point is sh always act like there's nothing going on between us, she don't call and always rude on the phone. Does it mean she don't love me.. cos she do wet when im with her.
Focal core
Focal core
Shes using you as a vibrator machine in flesh, shes emotionally unavailable to you.. Walk away or the pain will come later.. Ure only her leverage, shell move on once she get real bf that she cared. Run!
are you aggresive/passive aggresive 24/7 because you lack attention in real life and this is your only way to grab it on internet or is it your personality
While Greece most certainly provided models for Roman buildings and sculptures, Roman engineering and design expanded their architectural vocabulary to create one of the most impressive of our legacies from the ancient world. The study of Roman art, architecture and drama includes examining the influences of it while recognizing the ways in which the Romans absorbed and combined other ideas in creative and unexpected