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1. Determination and Passion

Before you meet people, you should have passion for something. Whether art, music, sports, learning, reading. Be passionate about what you do and do it well. Indulge yourself in hobbies and work. This passion should give you confidence and joy. Love what you do so much that nothing else matters. Never lose your passion! That would be the death of your soul
2. Inner Strength and Confidence

Believe in yourself. To have inner strength is having the will to do what you want to do when it needs to be done. Having Confidence is having the physical interaction to command this will against your fears with no reluctance.
3. Desire and Life

Desire is a wish, a want. You achieve your desire by going for it. Fail as you might, you will still desire.

Having life, means that you accept your faults, your shortcomings, your history and your failures. From that, you become a better person and eventually achieve desire though self-learning and confident attempts
4. To think something gets you nowhere. To say something shows desire. To do something about it shows confidence.
To think something gets you nowhere. To say something shows desire. To do something about it shows confidence

My name is Bryan, 27 ..am like 1.9 mtrs thank u everyone here who spares their time to enlighten their fellow men.It is no secret that we men cannot realise our fullest potential witht understandg the issue of sexuality and how it affets us directly or indirectly.iv dated less thn 3 girls ..which wer nt serious ..is it tht caring and kindness is a weakness..i usually develop anxiety and fear towards beautiful wmen i
How can i perfect my inner game ..and hw best can u ask fr the line frim a girl witht soundg desperte