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Yourself approaching two girls


Don Juan
Dec 16, 2013
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Say if you are only interested in one of them, how do you separate her out? or do you just try to get both of their numbers?

Today I approached two girls who were talking to each other, after I interrupted and chatted with them for a bit, the girl i didn't like clearly wanted to get back to their own conversation so she said to me, "it was nice meeting you." basically saying "you can leave now." Pretty sure I will have chance to meet the girl I like again, so I left.


New Member
Dec 31, 2013
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South Africa
I know what you mean, a lot of my recent approaches are with two girls and it sucks. I always get both numbers and try to befriend the one I don't want so she has good things to say about me to the one I do want.

It doesn't hurt to have some help from a best friend.

Also, my advice would be not to seclude the one you want too much cause it always pisses off the friend to be left alone and waiting, and she might badmouth you when you're gone. You know how jealous unnattractive best friends are. But if you think you can get enough interest for her to ignore her friend.

Go for it!

Snow Plowman

Master Don Juan
Nov 18, 2006
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Give your number to the one who peak your interest...

However, there is a "larger" issue than that. You might actually lack depth if you allow some chick to say "it was nice meeting you" in such a manner. SHOULD HAVE CALLED HER OUT!!! From my perspective, that is disrespectful as if I was being a pest or something. Is she that socially retarded?

As for 2sets overall, simply screen the girl you like by asking the other one about her. Thing is, her friend doesn't know if your girl would like to meet you or not SO the best option for her is to qualify her friend to everything you ask. (A friend wouldn't say "yea she's a boring chick")