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Your girl going to parties


Master Don Juan
Jun 21, 2017
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This is pretty much how I was going to say it.

I used to try the ultimatum/verbal boundaries thing.

in my opinion, the better way to do it, (and what Pook preaches) is you simply stay cool about it.

So for instance, the opportunity arises to comment on a situation that I personally don’t desire in a partner. Example, excessive happy hour attendance, drinking related functions or the like. I simply say, tough day, tough week, etc, whatever it may be? And then the next time an opportunity arises where I am invited to a function like that, I don’t attend. Don’t say you’re upset, don’t judge, just let the person give you an opportunity to demonstrate where your values are. And then play it from there.

this is the difference between abundance and scarcity. Inherent in the above is the, ‘ I will not be attending’ and ‘how many other times is he going to put up with this’ which should get the hamster running.

do this right and you may end up with oral .
Yes. I call it STFU and just watch. Orient then act. Whatever that may be.
Arguing with women in this day and age is a HUGE waste of time.
When I say that I say it from a place of stubbornness in my past.

It just doesn't work. Sometimes you will come out on top sometimes you will get cucked in a situation. Its part of the game.