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Senior Don Juan
Nov 15, 2000
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Go Speed-Dating.

Only having 3 mins to talk to a girl is the best thing in the world, it motivates you to number close quickly, and by the 10th girl, you'll soon learn exactly what to say, and how to say it, because the 9 previous girls will have said no when you asked for their numbers.
Theres no embarresment, theres no awkwardness because you HAVE to change women every 3 mins.

It also means you dont get obsessed talking to one girl all night long and end up talking yourself into her LBJF zone, and if a girl is actually interested in you, it will annoy her to see you walk off and talk to other girls. (although the purpose of this isnt to actually date any of the women that attend these things as they all have something fundamentally wrong, or else they wouldnt be there)

The purpose is to learn how to talk confidently, with sophistication and with poise.

Jump in at the deep end, you'll soon learn to swim.

Ever onward

Master Don Juan
Jul 11, 2004
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I would love to give this try but I'm not sure if my town is big enough to have functions like this. Maybe it will catch on here if it gets more popular.