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Would you have $ex with a plate after seeing her 2 days before?


Don Juan
Nov 13, 2021
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I wanted to see one of my plates, Pate A, but she's unavailable, therefore I wanna see my another one Plate B just to have a quicky even though I saw her 2 days ago, no staying overnight or anything like that, it will be in my car actually. I wanna fvck but damn its better a warm pvssy than my hand.

I'm curious to see the comments, because theres always that rule of seeing her once per week for a fun activity, but what happens if you just wanna get it in even thought you saw her 2 days before.

As long as you're getting what you want it shouldn't matter, should it?

Rx Redpill

New Member
Sep 18, 2022
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Here's the thing.

Don't want someone to stay the night?

Tell them.

That's the alpha move thing to do.

An alpha male speaks his mind.

And if she leaves you for it?

Go find yourself a new woman, because a hypergamous woman would happily drop you like a hot potato if she got the slightest whim that she could "do better".


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