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Women Have Infinite Options


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May 31, 2020
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This is absolutely nothing new. Log into any kind of chat room as a woman vs as a man and just watch what happens. I did this experiment way back in the early 90s on IRC chat and it was exactly the same then as this shows it to be now. The minute you have a vagina and you're reasonably cute, you get men throwing d!ck at you all day.

Women make themselves available and men approach them. This is the way.

I do find it amusing that thirsty men blame women for male thirst, and then try to male-hamster that "women love sex" and "women just want to get banged" and "it's all good" and "women are slutz" and "Chads don't exist" and "no one is getting laid anyway so whatever".

The mental gymnastics to try and avoid the simple fact that "women just don't like you."

The reality is in a free market a small percentage of men are chosen by a large percentage of women for sex. It works out well for me, but if I wasn't getting chosen I'd be pretty pissed off too I guess.

There was a reason that marriage used to be a thing, and cheating used to be a crime. People in the past understood that a free sexual market place leads to a hell of a lot of sex for a few guys, and almost nothing for everyone else.
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