Women get a bad rep here. Let’s change that.


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Oct 4, 2016
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No one here has answers to your personal issues. All they have is personal experience. No One can diagnose you over the internet. There’s a million variables about you that nobody can see.

The reason why I was harsh on trump is because having a social life is universal knowledge but he acts like it’s something I made up. Like it’s some kind of method that I created. That’s just weird.

I am not saying anything different from anyone else who’s had success. Get a social life that has women. Work on yourself everyday. What else is there? If that doesn’t work then you got some issues that random sosuave guys aren’t going to be able to help you with.

It’s like telling a chick to hit the gym. It she manages to tone her booty and become sexier and every guy is still running for the hills then obviously there is something about her that no one on the internet is going to be able to see.

Going to the gym is universal advice that works for most women. If it doesn’t work for said woman, obviously she has other issues and “going to the gym” is not the failure, it is the woman that is a train wreck.

And the only person that could probably help her is an actual psychiatrist that charges $500 an hour because nobody on an online forum is going to have the energy to solve her issues for her.

If you expect miracles on an online forum then that tells me you are probably an incel and no advice here is going to help you. Most advice here is straight up about self improvement. Not deep psychological stuff that somehow changes you from the core.

For that you need to call your shrink.

Think about it. You expect miracles from a guy you don’t even know. And you demand answers to why you can’t get laid and you’re mad at him for not being able to help/doesn’t want to waste his energy on a random stranger. What kind of a loser does that?

This is called value taking behavior and it is equally repulsive to both men AND women. Examine this closely and maybe you’ll discover why you can’t get women.

It’s not that I can’t answer trumps questions, it’s more like he acted like an entitled piece of sh1t that got on my nerves. In real life nobody goes up to a person they don’t know and demand sh1t. This is straight up repulsive anti social behavior.

Basically a troll.

It’s like this board has become 90% trolls and incels and 10% tolerable people.

Trump I know you are a pathetic emotional black hole and you would love nothing than to engage with me. You live a miserable existence. However, whatever chance you had at having a normal conversation you blew, just like your chances of having women in real life.

I genuinely sincerely hope you see a psychiatrist. You are literally the only person I have on ignore simply because of how repulsive and pitiful you are.

And for the black widow guy. Misery loves company. So I’ll leave you two alone in your pity party.
I read this thinking I wrote it because even the choice of words was exactly how I would describe him lol
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Dec 6, 2015
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Hoe County, California

Hoping to strike gold in a pile of turds, is foolishness.

Lost cause

Try learning a skill. That would be more helpful.


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Mar 6, 2015
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@guru1000 I totally respect where you're coming from.

I think my original phrasing was too strong and I was guilty of creating a sound bite. I did clarify in my later posts.

Reference my post vs the 2 time horizons

Tactically game gets you more practice and faster results. It's a sugar hit and sugar can be bad for.you

Game to me is an understanding of interpersonal skills and psychology not a bunch of canned lines.

Strategically you should be working to improve yourself over the longer time frame. That's where your advice comes into play but without tactical support it can amount to build it and they will come and also many men will lose motivation and fall.

The senior posters understand the difference.

My concern is that the inexperienced guys will see this as a mountain to climb before they can experience any success.
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Dec 4, 2018
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Long ago, in my early twenties, when I was legit unnattractive, I was quite anti-women. I did poorly with them. Now, I'm better looking and do fine. I appreciate and enjoy women. I think that is just the way it is. If you want something and can't get it, you resent it and become angry. I don't know any solution other than get attractive to women.