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Women can't love men, they can only respect

Mar 7, 2018
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It is often said that women can not love a man, they can only respect him. I never understood what that meant until recently. I am involved with this girl and she is in limerance. She states " i want to be like you".

This is how they love. By want to be you. Men love by wanting to provide and protect. They want to be us. Their definition of love does not entail a duty to provide and protect. It is simply based on respect and admiration.

What me and this girl feel for each other is infatuation. I know that one day her respect for me will diminish. I will become mundane. Even superheroes eventually become ordinary. At this point she will leave me. Her interest will wane and she may move on to a new guy.

I don't think relationships were meant to last forever. The 7 year itch served a function. It takes 7 yrs for the children to be somewhat independent. After those 7 yrs or so maybe women were designed to leave.

Us men just have to accept this reality.
I think you hit on something. And why would you want it to be different? You just be the one to leave the ***** before she leaves you. And while you're with her, don't let her be your only *****. Women use men for their purposes. Don't be bullied into not using women for yours.


Master Don Juan
Feb 4, 2008
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If your wife got Fat while hot women were hitting on you, would you stay loyal?

The real problem is that women have unlimited options and no consequences for their actions because of Simps/white knights.
That's when you tell your wife....if I wanted a fat girl I would have gotten one to start with. True words spoken from yours truly. It's a form of disrespect not to hold up ones end of the deal. She either complies or you leave.