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Women cant complete you. Kill the thirst


Jan 14, 2018
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Somewhere where's it's none of your business
Often those men look at themselves also. Some hang themself, some break, some endure, some excel at something else as a result. They almost never can change but do grow new skills. If the top tier (public celebrity status) men have the issues and some more than average men then it is not about success or following a purpose as many of those same have done so and it is how they have reached fame.

A heart that desires love will fail, a heart that desires attention only can win because attention can be negotiated.

Cutting out the desire for love and goodness seems to be the only way. Become a bad person is a way to win this. This requires a change in personal codes. Seems RP teaches to hide the same, but it can not be hidden if strong; must be cut out and something else in its place.
Having a relationship with women is like a gamble.

If a man is willing to gamble then he must be willing to lose.

Problems you see on here is mostly men who can't accept losses but wants to gamble.

And that's why we hv moaners who can't stop talking abt mad women, BPD women and some other cope excuses which sometimes entertains us all but it gets irritating as time goes on.

Irritating because they claim red pill maximised but yet is such a loser.


Master Don Juan
Dec 24, 2017
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We all have a void in our heart. It is an existential dissatisfaction that exists throughout our entire life. Its that underlying feeling of being incomplete. It doesn't go away no matter how materially successful we become. Some fill it with religion, spirituality or philosophy. Most fill it with the opposite sex.

Men think that this tiny emptiness can be filled by the unconditional love of a female. There may be some element of Oedipus complex mixed in there also. We go from romantic encounter to romantic encounter ( some go from failed marriage to failed marriage) but It never works. Its only when we fill this void ourselves that we can truly be free.

Many of my friends who I thought were alpha have become slaves to their woman. None of my friends have killed their thirst. So their thirst is killing them. I didn't even know that this was the dynamic at play until I was forced to kill my thirst. Now I see how enslaved I was. When I try to explain freedom to the other slaves they look at me perplexed. They are truly addicted to vagina. One friend used to be the illest white boy charmer I knew. He could smash a nun if you give him enough time. Now....he is tolerating the antics of a BPD going on 3 yrs. My other friend is financially successful but all he talks about is women and how to sleep with more women. Ive known each of these guys for over 14 yrs. Now I just dont fit it. I dont want to fit in.
The desire is there. The thing is that, as I get older, I am more focused on LEGACY than chasing ass. I still pursue but my purpose is at the forefront of my life.

To estimate the cost of the time spent approaching, learning game, pulling, and getting baeeee, it's brutal seeing the chips fall where they may. Getting girls is what our biology is looking for and hardwired to acquire. It is valueless. The only thing more valueless is not pulling.

Rounding third, heading towards 2021, legacy is what haunts me going forward. I cannot stress the importance. In retrospect, if I never learned game, divorce rape would have got me. The indoctrination is real.

Dudes are indoctrinated by feminism. Women are bombed with girl power. It's operation evil on STERIODS. The vast majority of crap is useless as is mainstream.

I looked for a solution to the problem of the abyss. Being red pill or black pill, knowing female nature as it is, and circumvent what is? Personally, I don't see the value of ltr unless a dude is having a family. It seems to be a game of catch and release.

The only thing that seems to matter is LEGACY. whatever that is for a man. Gyow and monk mode has a place and point if you want to build that.

I am seeking to bridge that gap. Legacy seems to be the solution. Women seem to be the obstacle to that target until proven otherwise. To be blunt, in my life, I can count on one hand the amount of awesomeness women I met. This coming from a lad that advices chain gun pickup. Pull or next. Never met a woman I'd marry. Never loved a woman I loved more than myself lol.

@Pandora mate, good luck on your journey. Embrace solitude. We're non normy conformys.


Master Don Juan
Nov 15, 2012
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I keep reading "unconditional love"...... the fact is.. love is conditional..has to be. You wouldnt love someone if they shyt in your pillow case every day... or if they continusly cheated on you but said sorry every time or kicked you in the face when they felt like it.... love is conditional... has to be... otherwise you just get abused. Period.