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Women are an experience not an objective


Don Juan
May 4, 2019
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Unlike many things worth achieving in life such as career, resources or fitness; women are not an objective.

For the average man focused on achieving great heights in professional or personal pursuits, it can be a difficult shift in mentality for a man to view the process of meeting women as something which only achieves value to be consumed only in the short term.

This is a very important lesson for men to learn, especially ones who are focused on achieving great things in their personal lives. It can be easy to see women as a simple component to be fitted into your life to fulfill a need and believe that you can keep continuously investing in them to extract greater results.

If a man fails to find harmony within himself of the fact that his experience with a woman given time is transient, he will have trouble rationalizing past actions and also place an expectation on her for the future.

A man who predicts the future with his woman and other personal objectives the in the same light will open himself up to disastrous ego risk.

Take the burden of off yourself and women by enjoying the time experience with them within the moment. Avoid placing value on their past actions or future expectations of them.

We are not in our grandparent's generation where society socially enforced long lasting pairings, relationships are now extremely dynamic.

Take away the power her past/future actions with you and instead act accordingly within the moment.

Save the investment mentality for pursuits which will yield a positive outcome to building a great life.


Don Juan
May 2, 2019
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It's like gorging on candy and ignoring oral hygiene. Your teeth will rot away. Enjoy the candy but take care of your teeth at the same time.