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Why Has No One Come Up With A Strategy To Lay Girls From The Gym?


Master Don Juan
May 31, 2020
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I have had a multiple lays with women from the gym even during covid. Hooked up with two workers from the gym (I do not and I repeat do not recommend!)
I definitely don't recommend banging gym employees. First, it is usually easier to pick up women while they are not on the job (same goes for strippers, waitresses, bartenders, and other retail workers). However, if you can get past that and actually pick up up while they are on the clock, if things go sour (which they eventually will at some point, and often sooner than later), you'll end up having to find a new gym.

It is a little harder because there is a lot of competition. I go to a big commercial gym and the women are unreal and a dime a dozen. I find it easiest to approach in the gym actually. No pua bs, just laid back genuine, simple talk...if they aren’t “in love” or thier boyfriend isn’t with them it’s very easy if they find you attractive.
When you're looking to approach in public, you'll quickly learn that most women will have a boyfriend/fiance/husband at any point in time. A lot of these women you won't end up approaching. The married ones you'll usually screen out with a quick glance at their hands, though sometimes this method is imperfect, especially at a gym. A lot of the ones you don't get good IOIs from are women with boyfriends and fiances when they are reasonably satisfied with the relationship. Now, Millennial (1982-1996) women are notoriously poor at signaling as compared to past generations so you're probably going to need to approach women without IOIs at some point in life. With that said, when you do get IOIs, the approach will be easier. It's just that IOIs are getting less frequent.

I became a daygame focused guy in the early 2010s and I'm totally fine with approaching in the gym. I found grocery stores and gym fitness classes the easiest places to do approaches. I had a more difficult time in the mall, in bookstores, or generally on the street (college campus approaching would be the same as street approaching). Recreational walking/hiking paths are a little easier than street game.

Step one: be in shape and good looking. (Haha)
step two: if they send you a choosing signal approach ASAP like you don’t give a sh!t who’s watching. (I’ve banged a few with literally no choosing signals at all but once I talk to them, reveal my face it’s almost always been a shoe in) (I also met this female two
Weeks ago at the gym, had a good conversation, she was complimenting me on my appearance, her body language showed attraction, she approached me! She started asking me the meaning of my tattoos, blah blah blah. I gave her my number and....she never texted me or called. It’s happens)
Step three: tell them you’d like to grab coffee or whatever you like to do and give her you number
If she texts/calls cool, if not, cool.
Just this last week I met this female with a literally hb10 body, pretty cute face, every dude in the gym just stares at her. I talk to her like Ive known her, was pretty forward, kinoed her (this may or may not work but for me it did this time) and now having coffee with her this week.
Your fitness level matters more in gym approaching than anywhere else, though I'd make the point that your fitness level has to be high if you are pursuing elite level looking women in any venue.

Agree fully on Step 2.

Step 3 is where I ask them specifically to do something with me and usually set a time for it. I get their number from the interaction.


Master Don Juan
Aug 27, 2015
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Finally. I’ve been searching for this comment. It’s simple ..some guys will just never understand. I’m the same way. It’s all about who you are as a person (being good looking definitely helps). Being bold, centered and having natural game opens doors like no other. I’ve f!ngered my optometrist during an exam, banged a teacher at my sons school(not the smartest move), banged friends at the same job and the list literally goes on and on. Now this is not to brag but the point is there are no limitations. Maybe for “you” but not “me” but the gym ..if one chooses...is an excellent, easy place to pick up women...just like everywhere else
Cause your on the right wavelength for that "ho" action.


Don Juan
Sep 2, 2020
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For me, the gym is my sanctuary and I'm there for one, singular purpose. I get in, do my business, and get out. I don't want any distractions. I go to Planet Fitness because it's cheap, adequate, and there are no hot women there walking on the treadmill in full makeup and taking mirror selfies, whoring for validation. I don't want to see that sh!t.

The gym is my safe space. I don't want any awkwardness or anxiety-provoking interactions with anyone. I don't even want to run into buddies there and take my earbuds out and start chatting and alternating sets with them. I want to work out. It's my meditation. I won't **** where I eat.

I go on the assumption that a cute girl who is clearly there to work out, not get approached, doesn't want to be approached.
I goto planet fitness to and you most live in a Anartica in butt fukk wherever because they’re young hot woman with there heads on swivels here on the daily giving iois


Senior Don Juan
Jul 17, 2019
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I goto planet fitness to and you most live in a Anartica in butt fukk wherever because they’re young hot woman with there heads on swivels here on the daily giving iois
Nope, I live in NYC actually and very few hot women are there when I work out. Some. But it’s not a target-rich environment by any means.