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Which coaches are the real deal?


Senior Don Juan
Oct 22, 2022
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Most of the PUA content is the same:
- Go to XYZ to be seen and talk to girls.
- Talk to girl demonstrating high value (confidence, communicating properly...)
- Hope she will be attracted to you and give you signals.
- Escalate

A book can be written about those steps. Some men are socially retarded and might need a personal interaction with a "coach" to get the content.


Senior Don Juan
Jul 7, 2020
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Any coach can help you if they make you think about things,and,get off the settee and take action


Don Juan
Apr 1, 2023
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I’ve seen and read ALL of the products, videos, and books mentioned in this thread so far and more over the years.

So far, NONE of them can touch the value and usefulness in the material listed below, in order of the best (of the most useful):

1.) W. Anton - The Manual (the best material on seduction available, in my opinion)

2.) Mike Haines - Godlike Power (with all bonus ebooks, so much gold here)

3.) Michael Marks (The Dating Wizard) - The Dating Wizard Mastery Apprenticeship Program & The Dating Wizard ebook

4.) Woujo - Collection of Posts

5.) Jay Julio - Cool Guy with Women

6.) The Modern Man/Dan Bacon - Becoming a Man That Naturally Attracts Women, Dating Power and Interviews with Naturals

7.) 60 Years of Challenge - Game Revision System

8.) J. D. Fuentes - (Updated) The Sexual Key

9.) Mizu - The Authentic King: Authentic Attraction System

Honorable mentions:
Markus Wolf (UMP) - UMP ebook - tonnes of material but very technical
Gunwitch - Seduction MMA & (Original) Gunwitch Method - good but more gamey than I’d like. Original method is simple
Saul Tee - Technical Game Bible (some good ideas

Hey bro, do you still agree with this or has your opinion changed or improved?

I wanna go through this list


Master Don Juan
Nov 23, 2022
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Mr Locario and Alan Roger Currie (RIP) are the two best dating coaches.

But since most of you guys are too chicken sh!t to cold approach women or adapt Mode One philosophy, those aren't the recommended dating coaches for 95% of this forum.

Some of you guys may be alpha in your own little way, but you aren't sitting at the same lunch table as me, Locario, ARC, Miles Cunningham, etc.

If you ain't on the same shyt we are on, then you gotta sit somewhere else. :cool:


Senior Don Juan
Jul 2, 2022
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All you need is Doc Love, self-improvement, and practice.

Nothing wrong with Cory Wayne, but his book is boring a fvck... and really it's just Doc Love with sex and Tony Robbins BS.... but it's okay. I guess if I had to recommend anyone, since Tom Hodges (AKA Doc Love) is dead, it would be Wayne. You can get most of his content for free but I don't think I would waste any money with one-on-one coaching with anyone.
@RangerMIke @Glassguy Do you remember a resource before The System appeared, that provided core principles of it?


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Master Don Juan
Nov 23, 2014
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USA, Louisiana
@RangerMIke @Glassguy Do you remember a resource before The System appeared, that provided core principles of it?
I really don't know what happened until Doc Love came on the scene 20 years ago, there was a lot of PUA stuff that was around in the 80s and 90s. I guess the only thing that was popular that came out in the 90s was "Men are from Mars: Women are from Venus" which was a pretty decent book explaining how and why the genders are different, but that book didn't really give advice on what to do with this information. Another book was "The Rules" again which came out in the 90s, that basically was geared towards women, but some of the principles could be applied to men as well... it was basic human behavior stuff... we don't value what is easy, maintaining emotional self control... letting potential partners go when you aren't getting what you want. Put yourself first....

I guess if I had to figure out where the "System" came from it was an expansion of "Men are from Mars: Women are from Venus" and a male targeted presentation of this like "The Rules" were for women.