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What's past is past

Take No Dirt

Master Don Juan
Sep 27, 2001
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There's one of many major things that turns a girl off on a date and that is the guy whining about his past. Sure, he may have been:

- sexually molested by an uncle when he was 8 years,

- victimized by schoolyard and workplace bullies,

- a pimple faced teenager and didn't go to the senior prom,

- a dork with the chicks all his life,

- afflicted with low self-esteem,

- a poor chooser of a career and a good retirement is out of the question,

- an unwise investor and lives from paycheck to paycheck, and

_ the list goes on and on.

Yes, life has been unkind to you so far and you deserved better, but to spill your lamentations to a girl will greatly lower her interest level in you, even to the point of her not wanting to go out with you again.

So, unless you've seeked counselling and received therapy, you better vow to yourself that from today onward, you will view your unfortunate past as water under the bridge and start afresh with an upbeat attitude. If a chick asks you about your life, just say "Life is simply wonderful", leave it at that and concentrate your attention on her. She will be impressed with your positive attitude and she'll have a fun time with you.

Remember to never bring up your negative past and accentuate the positive.

The flip side of the coin is also true. If a hot babe whines about her rotten life and how people have screwed her so far, her negative attitude tells you that she will be no fun to be with. You can raise her interest level in you but you cannot change her attitude.

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Giovanni Casanova

Master Don Juan
Jan 5, 2002
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Hiding in Penkitten's Linen Closet
Very true, and something a lot of guys miss. Great tip, TND!


"All dating is prostitution. It's just that sometimes you don't get what you pay for."
- Hyde, from 'That 70's Show'

"He's gonna make some lady very happy... and then very, very sad."
- Dale, from 'King of the Hill'

DJ de Florida

Master Don Juan
Jul 25, 2000
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I agree with what you are saying. But it is ok to occasionally reveal one of your imperfections (not a ghost in your closet) in a humorous way.

After I have worked the confident/self-assured personality in front of her, I throw her a bone which is some cute/cheesy childhood story where I showed some weakness in some way but we can both laugh at it. Women eat these stories up faster than an offensive lineman eats a hamburger after practice.

Don Juan de Florida


New Member
Dec 27, 2009
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Can u help me how get ex girl friend

Now days she talks to me but when i call her, we broke up almost 4 months! So how can i get her back! Plz help me out!!


Don Juan
Apr 1, 2012
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heartscorpions said:
Now days she talks to me but when i call her, we broke up almost 4 months! So how can i get her back! Plz help me out!!
Silly AFC. Why would you want her back?


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