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what wud u guys do here? (new girl after bad breakup)


Don Juan
May 16, 2008
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long story short, ive just got out of a terrible relationship last month (she cheated) so am not 100% sure what i want these days. But ive been talkin and went out 2wice with this new hb9 recently. The problem here is the new chick seems indifferent, we only talk like once a week, shes very independent. When we go out its fun, but other than that we hardly interact, no phone call etc. Shes usually up to chill all the time, but recently she gave me the whole "im busy the nex week but if somting clears up ill let u knw" (yeaahh right...). So for the DJs knw how to game the indifferent chick lemme knw wat i shud do to make her focus on me.

Ps. i kinoed her heavy but never kiss closed coz i didnt knw wat i wanted, so maybe that turned her off.


Don Juan
Mar 12, 2009
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She sounds like a Don Juan...

Why not take what shes doing and reverse the effects to your advantage.
Its all about apathy, she appears to have that to a tee.