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What to do when you slip up?


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Mar 18, 2015
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I posted the same question on TRP but figured this community is a bit more active...
So I made the ultimate Beta mistake; Telling a woman my feelings towards her... and let's just say they Reeked of Beta-ness... I was coming off rather alpha for the last couple days; after a year of pure betaness in which she held all the cards... I did manage to convey the message that I planned on pursuing other relationships; but ultimately she was left with the impression that I desired her. Here's where it gets worse, the conversation ended with her saying " well I'm happy you're finding your way and on that note, I'm tired so you can text me tomorrow if you want." my feeble attempt to regain Alpha-ness back "I'll try, I'm rather busy tomorrow"..... Is the next step to ignore her for the day? (which may risk prolonged silence between the two of us) Or should I wait until late at night and text her while indirectly stating that I was out banging another girl? Any help is appreciated


Master Don Juan
Mar 28, 2011
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Go NC until she contacts you. Set a date when she does so.


Master Don Juan
Jan 30, 2015
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When a woman love is fading away she does this - letting you know other she has bussiness with other men. Its her way of saying "Piss off" and you must know this, or else she will drop you on your head, then 2 days later proclaim her undying love for another fool, which she cultivated for months, during which you was licking his sperm when you were going down on her. Not nice eh?

So I never put myself in this situation, couse I know how females are. Walking away from your true love is one of the hardest things but hey, what can you do? A have this friend, his girl showed him perfectly clear she doesnt want to be with him (but women never say stuff straight), he ignored it, then she dumped him for his cousin (nice cousin eh? GJ bro). He was more than devestated.

So from your point of view, applaying female tricks like telling her you deal with other females os obvious, wont work in your favour. To do this correctly, you must fvuck on the side, but be discrete, dont talk about it, she will know it, and will love you for it. But I know if your love towards a woman is so strong you wouldnt consider sleeping with others its unhealthy love.

I know how strong the male heart feels all too well, and this is exactly why we should always question our hearts and listen to our head. Its hard, I know it is, but I feel like this is what being mature means.


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Master Don Juan
Feb 7, 2014
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Telling a woman you love her and then going no contact? Sounds fun haha.

Whatever you do, don't act butthurt.