What is Social Proof?


Master Don Juan
Mar 23, 2018
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That doesn’t make sense.
It doesn't have to make sense to be true. You are trying to use logic and reason to say something SHOULD be a certain way, and also saying that the way things are should NOT be because it doesn't make sense to you, or because you don't have it so you wish it weren't true.

Social proof has no value.
It's like you're trying to define value as money, or job skills, or provider ability, and saying that if social proof doesn't deliver these then it shouldn't exist and shouldn't be a factor. You won't make something reality simply by trying to reason it.

Social proof has strong value for men. If a guy is not getting laid, then he focuses on building social proof by befriending attractive women, posting pics of himself with these women on social media, etc, and doing so gets him laid often, then the social proof had value. Does his social proof provide value to the women who sleep with him? Probably not (beyond primitive social conditioning responses), but why do you care about that? The bottom line is that it attracts them, so it provides value to him.
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Master Don Juan
Apr 21, 2018
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Bridgeport, CT
Especially at the hospital where those hot freaky nurses will take that d!ck all day long in the closets and empty rooms
No doubt. Heard about those little encounters from many of dudes. Goes back to the old saying, ladies, they just ain't loyal. The only difference now is that men are starting to realize this. Have fun with them, maybe have a kid or two if a dude wants to pass on his genes; but don't marry them.