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What Are You Guys Thinking?


Don Juan
Jul 6, 2001
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Hey Gipper!

I usually date one girl at a time, but I’m not against dating more than one. I do agree that dating more than one girl can “weed out” the flaky ones, but sometimes that can be done through initial conversation. Another good point about dating more than one girl is to teach an AFC how not to be preoccupied with all his time in one girl.

However, If I do find a girl that treats me the way I like to be treated, and I actually look forward to seeing her (doesn’t happen too often), then I’m not exactly going to go out of my way to find someone else to date just for the sake of dating more than one girl. Also, dating just one girl is not going to turn me into an AFC…I’ve had the “DJ principles” engraved in my DNA ( thanks to one particular past experience ) way before this site has been up. Plus, if you have high standards, the quantity of women is reduced. I don’t really care to take a girl out that I just “kinda like”. I’ve talked to and dated enough to know what I’m looking for.

Some people make dating their entire life. That’s why it’s important that you have a life outside of dating. The times that I’m not out on a date, I’m spending time with friends and doing things that I enjoy. It all comes down to what makes you happy.

Plus, I’m in college and money can be an issue at times. Dating more than one girl can be quite costly. Take my current situation: I like to have a full weekend, so I’ll see the girl I’m dating one night, and I’ll hang out with some friends the next night. Weekend complete. I’m having fun. That’s what I’m looking for.

As far as the whole “brain washing” thing, I think that your parents have an affect on you. My views (now) of dating women are completely different to how my Dad thinks I should act in the whole dating game. Him: flowers. Me: Neg-Hits.

~ Classic ~

For what it's worth, I also agree with Powertrip's point of view.

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Senior Don Juan
Feb 17, 2002
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If you have only one source of something valuable you will treasure it as if your life depends on it.
Like a job, if the person lose his job and have no other money resource, the person will be desperate! The same thing happens with the girls.
For example, ME! I am "dating" only one chick at the present moment*. And something in my mind tells me that I wont be happy with her. Any way I invite her out, because she is the only chick I can date*.
Of course when I go out I keep my senses open to get numbers and future dates. So I'm working on it, slowly but I am.

That's why I treasure the SUPER WONDERFUL WOMAN OF MY LIFE ahahhahahahaah because for the moment I have no other options. But like tides, life can change in a few seconds, and hey! My little phone book will be full of hot chicks numbers.

Turner Ohvur

Senior Don Juan
Mar 3, 2002
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Los Angeles, California, USA
This reminds me of a funny story. Some chick I work with was talking to me about this. And since I am in no way attracted to her, I felt okay telling her the truth about it.

She said "Don't ever try to change...I noticed you're so much more outgoing and charismatic but you're also meaner sometimes. You're different than Eric (eric is a dude i work with, a respectable dj), you are much more sensitive I think. One day you'll make a woman really happy because of it."

Then I said

"So let me get this straight. I'm a nice, sensitive guy. And Eric is the jerk that gets laid?"

She said: "Look, I just hope you're not turning into one of these guys that just wants one thing and then moves on. I would hope you want a special woman."

I said "No woman is really that special...for the same reason that being nice and sensitive never got me any attention. You just don't care. So I'll go through as many as I please, until I see something different."

I don't want to start a new topic, but let me create a tangent topic...Has any chick that's known you since you were an AFC, upon sensing your change into DJism, tried to HALT your progress by saying things like "don't stop being a nice guy" ?

It's almost like it's a woman's job to make sure you don't fully understand what works. It's scary for a woman to think a man sees through all the BS. I've had this happen to me two times...two different chicks have said they noticed I'm different (bolder, flirtier, and a little jerkier), and that I should "not try to be anything I'm not."

It annoys the HELL out of me. I'm trying to STOP being something I NEVER WAS....a pvssy.

"...the better to seduce you with..."
Tao of Steve

"Power is only vouchsafed for those daring enough to bend down and pick it up. There is but one thing we need; indeed only one thing: to dare."
Fyodor Dostoevsky