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Well, this is the weirdest thing I've ever done.

The Pedantical

Don Juan
Oct 28, 2005
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I was in the mall today and I ran into a girl who was my classmate in college a couple of years ago and she was with some girlfriends.

So she's like "wow how are you?" but I felt kind of strange when I saw her, kind of like some kind of hangover.

So I'm like fine, whatever, yeah it's been two years how you doing, etc.

Then I'm like "you know, I don't really feel like talking to you. the only reason I was your friend back then was because I wanted to fck you but I was too chicken**** to admit it." She looked totally speechless, and I felt like a dumb idiot but it just came out like that in the middle of a a bull polite conversation.

Anyway I excused myself and walked away after a half-assed "good bye" feeling like a total idiot, but for some reason when I got back I actually felt pretty good about it... like, some kind of liberating feeling as if I had beaten the crap out of a punching bag. I'm not sure if it's the dumbest thing I've ever done or what, but it just came out like that... it's so unlike me tho because normally I'm shy as a kindergartner in an army boot camp. Looking back I'm pretty sure she knew the whole time what I wanted but hearing me saying it was probably the last thing she expected considering how shy I always am


Don Juan
May 4, 2007
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Haha, I can relate to that, it's something I like to call a "perfect moment". No mental barrier, just being true to yourself. Think of it as a special moment. It's funny when you think of it.


Master Don Juan
Feb 22, 2009
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That was great. Revel in your new contempt for weakness.

And you never know, you might run into that one later and hear "I was just like 'ohmygod!' when you said that!" with her eyes racing around and heart beating. I've been surprised in this way more than once


Senior Don Juan
Dec 31, 2004
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good job bro,,,,,, dont regret it at all cuase you didnt lose anything...you just gained some valor for the next challenge.


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