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Wedding tips needed...


Don Juan
Aug 5, 2004
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Obviously, there will be lots of attractive, drunk women there ... that's the easy part.

But the bride's family and mine are close. Her youngest sister is my age. We're friends but not so close that it's LJBF. Anyway, I know when she's at the reception in her red brides' maid dress, she's gonna look incredible. I just need some tips on how I should approach the situation, show my possible interest, etc. She goes to school up north but will be finished after this spring. I wanted to know if there's anything specific I can do to plant some seeds. I ramped up the EC a little at my 21st b-day last night ... anything else I can do tomorrow night?



Master Don Juan
Apr 21, 2004
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plant some seeds? dude, are you raising a crop or chasing women?

1) don't get too drunk cause you need to be alert

2) chat her up, hopefully she'll be drinking

3) dance with her.... at some point there will be a slow song to dance to, hold her close, go for a slow smooth kiss and see what sort of reaction you get. If nothing, then move on to someone else. Lots of happy drunk women at a wedding reception, don't miss out on this opportunity.


Master Don Juan
Sep 21, 2004
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south west, uk
You think that's bad wait till you get older and your friends are 30+.

Went to a wedding last week and there was only one single female out of 25 women and she was fat and aloof.

When the bride threw the bouquet they all ran AWAY from it.

Free beer and food though.


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