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Feb 21, 2001
Situation:Eyecontact with a girl
State of Mind:I am confident.I am attractive.I am interesting.I am a fun person to be with.I am a challenge.I am controlling the situation.

When you look at a girl aim your face (your head too) to a spot below her eyelevel and at a spot that is not directly in front of her.Now when she looks your way lift your head a little (stay below her eyelevel) and look up a little.Look in her eyes.(Think about how much you want her.Think "I want you very bad")Hold it a little longer than the average look and look back to where to you were looking.You can flirt with her and look at her while you're talking with a friend.In this case you can be on the same eyelevel or higher.This shows that you've got everything under control; both the flirting and the conversation with your friend and makes you look professional and confident.Flirting from a balcony would give you superior position and she will have to look up to you.Isn't that what you've always wanted?

Situation:Being Don Juan
State of Mind:Every woman is beautiful in her own way.

Every woman is beautiful.Some type of women I find beautiful; One can sing and has a very sexy voice.Many of the women I like have beautiful eyes.Another drinks beer.The icecream-grandma can make icecream I can eat kilo's of. Iris is so beautiful because she likes me.Karen makes me feel so good when she smiles.Angelique is so spontaneous.Tanja has good figures.Melanie Chisholm enjoys her life and that makes her attractive to me.Carrie Ann Moss looks so good in leather.Audrey is so independent and that makes her very very attractive.Nicole knows what she wants and that's why she is so beautiful.Simone is my age and that makes her beautiful..
Why all these examples? Because:
"Unfortunately no one can be told what beauty is.You've got to experience it for yourself."

Situation:Looking good
State of Mind:I have to look good all the time.It will also add intensity to my confidence if I don't have to worry about looking good.

You even have to look good at home when you are on your own.It's easy only looking good on Saturday evenings.The goal is to look good at home, while digging a hole in the garden, when your sick at home.You never know man.Your sexy neighbor can come to the door to ask for your help on fixing her batterycharger or she can suddenly decide that it doesn't need to be fixed because she has found you; clean, handsome, fresh looking man who looks like a sexbomb.Remember that personal hygiene contributes a considerable amount of power to your looks… making you look more attractive.

Situation:You have to choose
State of Mind:I am a man and can choose without hesitating too much.

When you have to choose something think fast and choose.You have to eliminate all the unimportant factors.Like you have to choose between a Big Mac and a Quarter Pounder.Forget the bread, the meat and all other stuff.What is the special thing that makes a Big Mac ? Right, the sauce.The rest is not that important.Do you want to go for the sauce ? Yes choose the Big Mac or No choose the Quarter Pounder but don't think too long.McDonalds has been there longer .You can always go back.When you need a moment say: "Let me think for a second" with the more important things that you have to choose.Don't let people hear you think.Don't look tensed.Try to response to people when you are thinking.It shows that you can take more brain activity.

Situation:Fear pops up.Problems form.
State of Mind:I will solve the problem right away.Or else it will invade my thoughts when I don't want it.There is no problem I can't take.I'll deal with it.I do not fear problems.When fear pops up I'll be it's puppetmaster.It's a host in my body so I control it.

Fear.That's the sensation a Don Juan needs to control.If he does not control it it will control him.If the Don Juan does not eliminate his fear it will show up at critical times and spread all over like a cancer. Draining all the common sense out of him.Why do tomorrow what you can do today ? Maybe tomorrow you will have to focus your attention on something else.Like fixing the valves of a space shuttle or something.Remember the times that you said to yourself that you would clean your room… but decided to do it tomorrow and tomorrow you decided to do it the day after and so on.With problems and with fear you have to deal with it right away to avoid a snowball-effect that will swallow you eventually.You're the man, right? Be one then.The world has a shortage on real men.Real men are rare and will get all the attention like that rare baseball-card the guy across the street has that everyone wants to get his hands on.

How can you change yourself if you can't even know your own breath smells bad? Extrapolate. Look at yourself like you are someone else looking at you.Be objective.Ask people what they think about your hair.Women love to evaluate aesthetic properties.So ask them.Don't be shy.

"Go ahead! Make my day!" (Harry Callahan)

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Nov 8, 2000
nice post


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Aug 29, 2001
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Your mindset.



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Jan 18, 2002
Originally posted by stockholder:

Hold it a little longer than the average look and look down to where to you were looking.This shows you are shy but brave enough to make contact with her.
I don't really agree with this. I usually wait for her to break eye contact, or for some other stimulus to force me to do it. However, never break eye contact by looking down, it's a submissive gesture and as you said makes you look shy.

On another note, she could think you are checking out the cleavage which will also not score many points

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Jul 22, 2002
DUH!!! The basic info is that u can see rejection as proof of ur loserhood or u can see rejection as an opportunity to improve certain areas of ur game so that u can become the true Don Juan that u aspire to become.
The basic thing is improving urself by controlling the way u think.
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