Wanted: Your Most AFC Move


Master Don Juan
Feb 13, 2017
realm of infinite possibilities
It's not AFC move if 850 women got a flower from him at his age. It doesn't mean anything on emotional level. I consider it to be a "white knight" powerplay which is very efficient way to gather social status boost as openly confirming your blue pill status to the world is often a door to political career/some place of power in social group.

Think Justin Trudeau style.

I remember Jordan Peterson said in one of his lectures that women value men by their usefulness so to speak - guy that is arguably ready to work his ass off to make so many women smile is either a master manipulator or ultimate moron that will cut his veins open in the next two years or so.

He doesn't look like a moron so most probably it's a false act of chivalry to gather attention which was his main purpose. Young guys living in the age of social media do attention-whoring in different manner, I'd say he is rather skilled for his age. Perhaps even sociopath in making.