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Video Evidence That "Real Women" want "Real Men"


Master Don Juan
Oct 8, 2008
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Real BIG women.

Ha! Jokes. Actually I'd sleep with the one in blue.


New Member
May 3, 2009
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This was circulating around a local Boston board recently. A woman posted this on Craigslist a few weeks ago:

Cowardly Boston Types - 22

Date: 2009-04-10, 4:08PM EDT

Why can't you just make eye contact with people on the train, or smile back at people if they smile at you? Where is all the human connection in this city? Especially you hot Boston guys I see wandering around the city with headphones in your ears and a blackberry in your hands. I can't be the only non-*****y hot chick who would probably be very receptive toward you if you just interacted with us.

So where are all the secure real MEN around here that aren't afraid to hit on a girl in a bookstore, or in the Common, etc? The guys who actually want to date a girl, not just "hang out" or interact via text message only? And what's with all these skinny jeans wearing, vegetarian men? I mean I appreciate a guy with modern open minded sensibilities who doesn't need me to have dinner prepared when he gets home from work, (even though I really enjoy cooking and cleaning for a guy) but come on, can you at least have some of the rapidly disappearing masculine qualities? I want a guy who eats meat, who wants a big dog, who pushes his girl up against a wall to lock lips just because he feels like it, etc.

So if you exist get back to me. I'd love to go out somewhere tonight after work and complain about the increasing "pussification" of the male gender or Boston anti social behavior.

As for me, I'm 22, have a full time job, usually wear professional or sporty attire, into Yoga, love dogs, and quite silly at times, until you put me in my place of course! I'm apt to punch you in the shoulder and run away hoping you'll enact some flirty sexual revenge. So don't be a ***** and get in touch! I'm out of work at 6pm.


Master Don Juan
Oct 29, 2008
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She seems like damaged goods, with the whole "until you put me in my place of course!" line. That scares me.


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