Use Your Imagination!!!


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Nov 27, 2000
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You ever had that undenible feeling of in fatuation toward a woman you are ssure is the girl of your dreams. She seems so perfect that you can't stop thinking about her. When you leave the house all you can think about or anticipate is running into her and here is where you crash and burn becuase when you do see her, you are so self-concious that you come across as a complete a$$ and then when you work up enough courage to finally ask her out, the impression of you that you have given her up to now is not a good one and nine times out of ten she will utter these words--"Ohh youre so sweet, but I think we should just be friends". And there you are another crushing blow to your ego.
Now lets examine what the guy did wrong. His obsessive thoughs literally papralyzed him to the point where he came across as a nervous wreck instead of the Don Juan. So how do you avoid thinking about the girl so much? Well it may sound strange but here is what I do and it works like a charm.
Instead of thinking about the girl, think about someone else-preferibly someone you KNOW you will never get or even meet, someone famous maybe. Im sure that at one time or another all you guys had a crush on Cindy Crawford or Janet Jackson, etc. Well now you can relive those days and use it to your advantage. Instead of idealizing or constantly thinking of the woman you may see at work who has captured your heart, idelaize your fantasy woman. It may sound sillybut think about it-its YOUR fantasy its perfect in every way and the real girl that you want to persue can't even begin to measure up and will slowly come off of that pedestal you put her on, which will make it easier in your mind to ask her out-with CONFIDENCE.
Now there are no guarntees with this as there are no guarntees in life. But at least if you dont succeed, youll feel good about yourself for trying and for not committing so much wasted time thinking about her and you can move on to someone else. Or just retreat back to your fantasy girl-whoever she may be!!!