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use your head

Don Stefano

Don Juan
May 7, 2001
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New York, NY

Very simple advice. When dealing with a girl you find attractive, don't think too much about how to approach her, rather use your other head and let that be your guide. I've found thinkin' with your d•ck will get you places that over-thinking situations with your brain won't. So if you find your self stalling while trying to talk to a certain dime piece, use your d•ck and plant a kiss on her. It's a confident and sudden action that most girls will fall for. Just don't abuse it, ie don't go kissing every dime you see. Kiss her when you feel the convo could end in like 2 minutes or if you've been looking her in the eye throughout her monologue. Shut her up with a kiss. Women love spontaneity and if you're a good kisser, you cut down major time in the pre-game.

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Don Stefano

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