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Thoughts on Infatuation and Charm


Senior Don Juan
Mar 14, 2012
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The Summerlands

I have thoughts.

When a girl hits on me hard, it's not always just a whale or an ugly girl.
I had a decent 7 hit on me HARD for about a month, then I allowed myself to be tied around her finger and thrown around like a doll for almost half of a year.
Because of this, I seeked help and found this site... Luckily.

I've learned, because of that, that I could have literally changed her.
Ladies are CRAZY, gentlemen, and we all know it. There are girls out there that will change for you (although you'll want to avoid those crazy b!tches.)

Had I taken action in that situation at the moment that I realized I was infatuated and she thought that she had me tied around her finger, I would have had her chasing me instead of vice-versa... although this does not ALWAYS work (nothing always works.)

In order to change such a thing, you have to break infatuation. Yes, it's incredibly easy to identify infatuation. You can stand on the rock and say "Oh, I am in the ocean of infatuation... but where do I find a boat to reach the shore?"

Gentlemen, the thing we are all waiting for is that boat. That boat will never come. We must swim to shore using our gathered strength.

This is where the psychological and spiritual warfare enters the situation.

From that time and on, I, personally, have vowed to treat all girls like my little sister... for this is how you charm.

How do you treat your little sister?

Do you:

-Bow down to her and bend to her every whim? No!

-Always be working for her approval? No!

-Never argue what she thinks or believes? No!

-Attempt to buy her loyalty? No!

-Put up with her sh!t, EVER? No!

-Fear touching her shoulder, back, etc.? No! (No, not sexually. I don't think anybody is afraid of simple contact with their family members.)

-Make fun of her, pull her hair, etc.? Yes!

-Be ready to protect her, but treat her almost indifferently (or even as an eyesore) until then? Yes!

-Have FUN with her like you'd have fun with a little girl? Yes!

-Tell HER what YOU want to do, rather than ask for your little sister's opinion on what is fun? Yes!

-Automatically and almost unthinkingly put yourself above her? Yes!

I think you see where I am going with this. Don't act like a ****. Be an older brother to all girls, just... minus the emotional tampon sh!t.

In retrospect, a little sister, 7 years old, is the perfect example for how you should treat women... and you build the boat from the toothpicks you gather.

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Master Don Juan
Jul 13, 2012
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Yes mate! Good post!


Master Don Juan
Sep 11, 2011
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Except that you can't sexually escalate and flirt with your little sister, but you're pretty much right about the rest hahaha


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