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Aug 10, 2001
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Something that helps me is what I tell myself and thinking about the Terminator movie.

You know how they say this is the moment John Connor turned it around for humanity and they fought back against the robots?

Well, your life is like that. It's full of chances for you to draw your line in the stand and tell yourself that this-whatever it is-will NOT stand. It's full of those moments you can look back on as an old man and say 'THAT my dear grandchildren is when I turned it around. THAT is when i took charge of my own destiny.' Of course you could be a fear-dominated wuss now and then you can be that old man who b*tches how he never ever had a chance.

As men/dj's, as a race, this is where we stand up and SAY NO to girlie games, blowoffs, to staying home and watching porn instead of trying to get our love goo inside some chick. Oh, we'll have rejections, sure. All campaigns have bumps in the road. But we won't let the rejections define us. Instead, they'll define the other person. "oh, she's just some ditz who doesn't appreciate the cool person I am and the prime sausage I carry in my tigerskin briefs. What a loser chick."

So go out there. Turn the tide, you b*stards! Don't surrender your dreams. Take your beatings if you have to, regroup, rearm, restrategize if you need to....
but always know that YOU are going to save YOU from having a AFC life.

thank you


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