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The worst advice to give to a man struggling with women


Master Don Juan
Apr 7, 2023
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Nashville, TN

I understand that Bill Burr is offering the best advice he can, but as a guy who can relate to the person seeking advice, this kind of advice has never been helpful for me.

1). It is unrelatable- He does not have kids right now and he is 20. How the frick is he supposed to know the struggles of getting up at 5am and changing a diaper? Right now, he is in a bad post break-up dry spell and wants to get laid. He is probably thinking about his ex riding the Chad Carousel l every minute lol while he can only jerk off to pornhub.

2). The college atmosphere has changed- According to Bill Burr's experience, college was more akin to American Pie or Animal House. In today's world, a lot of college women are extremely picky or in relationships.

3). Just be happy with a I don't give AF mentality and things will magically happen- This was probably the worst advice I ever received when I was struggling in college. It does absolutely nothing and it is clown advice at best.

4). The College is the prime of your life BS- Not only does it make the guy feel like shvt that he is potentially rotting away the supposedly best time of his life, but this is also not even a true statement.

5). Don't drink at a college party- self explanatory.

6). Sexist cope advice- Man have an advantage of being happy, my @$$hole. Regardless, the guy is unhappy and in a completely different setting than Bill Bur.


Sep 10, 2014
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The one thing you can never give a 20 year old is the wisdom and experience of living 30 or 40 more years. It's priceless in terms of the ability to make good decisions for yourself and your life but unfortunately it's usually hard won after making a lot of bad ones in your younger years.

As always, failure is the the best teacher that will lead to success if you learn from it.


Don Juan
Feb 13, 2023
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As a 39 year old man, I can distill the entire game into “value” and “self love”. The more value I give to myself and the more I practice self love, the more money I make and the more b1tches I fvck.

This is actually a universal principle, so I have no idea what principles most of you are practicing or operating under.

The universal principles of abundance are as clear as night and day.