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The Twisted Firestarter


Senior Don Juan
Feb 21, 2001
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Here is a way to dangerously impress girls in the bar.

When there is something to celebrate buy a drink with an alcoholpercentage over 40% (to be sure it burns.) I don't know if you guys know a drink called Sambuca but anyway there a lot of drinks that do the job. It needs to be a drink that can be ignited to burn.

The trick:

Put half of your pointingfinger in the drink to soak it so that there is a layer of that drink on your finger. Now light that part of your finger with a lighter. When it burns make the girl blow it out like a candle.


-It's your own responsibility if something goes wrong.
-You don't have to hold the lighter too long to ignite your finger. You'll burn your finger if you keep its flame too long to your finger.
-The amount of fluid is not that much that it can burn your skin (you'll need a whole glass of fuel (in this case the drink) to burn your finger.)
-Always put the fuel (the drink) at a safe distance from you after you have shortly put your finger in it.
-Be careful with girls/women with long hair. Hair burns easily.
-In case you are burning don't run but stay calm and lie down and roll over the floor till the fire is extinguished. Don't pour the drink on the fire to put it out you idiot!
-Always keep a glass of water with you in case something goes wrong. Keep it near you and keep the drink/fuel far away from yourself and the flame while doing this trick.

a.k.a. bartender

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Medic 26

Don Juan
Nov 30, 2001
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Good Post......But remember...STOP, DROP, and ROLL....
and If you catch the chic on fire, she probably won't date you, so forget about it. NEXT.


Senior Don Juan
Nov 11, 2001
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Lighting chicks on fire is a sign of high interest...he he

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