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The triggering


Master Don Juan
May 3, 2013
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Basically a 51 year old dude who has his shyt together saying he can’t find women of 50 and up attractive.

Read the comments. It’s basically “he has a tiny d1ck”. “He can’t handle a real woman”

They are so horrendously triggered.

Quite a few say “we need to call out these sexist attitudes”

How is this sexist? If a woman said “chubby men are too fat to love” as a chubby man, do you think I give a shyt? Or do I just think “ok, that’s her preference. Move on!”

Literally, pages of virtriol from liberal looking women. Have they absolutely no self awareness? It’s enbarrassing.

It’s even more so when you realise it’s because he touched a horribly raw nerve.


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