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The Switcheroo - an advanced move -- Suggestions?

Uncle FranKKK

Don Juan
Dec 26, 2004
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New York City
One of my good friends is so good with women, we call him "Yoda."

Yoda is a consultant, like me. This gives us both the opportunity to meet 10 to 12 times more female co-workers than men who work in the same office. The opportunities are tremendous.

At one client, the receptionist was much hotter than her female co-workers. She knew it. She expected men to gawk at her and kiss her a$$.

When Yoda arrived, he immediately focused on the SECOND best looking chick, and flirted with her constantly and shamelessly. He did not glance at the receptionist. He really didn't. I was there.

MOnths later, he ended up boinking the receptionist, on the conference room table.

My analysis? The attention he was giving to #2 drove the hot one crazy, and she ended up trying ANYTHING to regain her dominance over the herd -- to preserve her own sanity. The mere thought that, for the first time in her life, she wasn't being treated like "the hot one" made her really eager to please Yoda.

I am trying to pull this manuever at a different client, with 2 different girls. Problem is, the gap between these two is even more dramatic. It isn't working yet, although if I end up with #2 or #3 I'll live with it.

Sure would like to nail that Barbie doll accross the hall, though. Any ideas, fellas?



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Senior Don Juan
Jun 1, 2004
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South Florida
I'm not sure I'd even call this an advanced move. It seems pretty basic to me, but maybe my game is at a higher level than I realize.

Hmmm, but I'm trying to think about the affect that the difference in levels of attractiveness (let's call it the gradient) makes in the scenario. In the Yoda example (hehehe, love that nickname), was girl #2 only moderately less attractive than girl #1? Then in your example the gradient is quite a bit more, right?

The risk here is that as the gradient rises, the affect of the switcheroo may be decreased. The reason is as the gradient increases, girl #1 may think you consider her out of your league, so you are "settling" for girl #2. Now the more the gradient decreases the more girl #1 will think "why didn't he pick me instead of her?" That causes her to feel the need to get your approval, etc. Of course as the gradient approaches zero the point of the switcheroo becomes less important since you'd probably be happy with either one. But at that point you might be able to pit their jealousies against each other, increasing interest on both sides.

To address your concern, I feel you must evaluate the gradient in your situation as objectively as possible, and as it increases you may need to bait girl #1 some with small pieces of attention. Let her know you consider her in your league, but have chosen girl #2 as your primary for reasons she will want to try and figure out. Because completely ignoring her probably won't have the affect you want.

But hey for all you know maybe girl #2 will have a much better personality or other non-physical characteristics which genuinely make her better than girl #1 overall. Try not too be too superficial (unless of course this is all just for sex and notches, then do whatever you want. ;))


Master Don Juan
Feb 1, 2003
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Sounds like good ol' fashion jealousy and desire for attention. Its been the driving force behind women's actions from the beginning of time.