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Apr 26, 2000
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have u ever just stayed infront of your computer going from article to article, knowing all there is to know about Don Juan, but still don't have the balls to speak to that cute 9 or 10 girl in ur classroom? Some or maybe most of us have been guilty of this crime. Well the time is now to stop bullshlting urself and stop rationalizing why that girl in ur class might not like u ,because the power of getting girls comes within. This is a motivation piece taken from a webstie of a friend of mines, which I will post an article for in about 1 month or 2. I want all of the Dons and Donjaunettes in this site with below 50 percent confidence to read this every day and overcome his or her fear.Ok here is goes. (you can print this if u want)

Be strong It takes strength to be polite to someone who has been rude to you. It takes strength to be truthful when a lie would be easier. It takes strength to do what has to be done even though it is unpleasant and uncomfortable. It takes strength to keep going in face of the obstacles, when it would be easier just to give up. It takes strength to build for the future. It takes strength to resist temptation. It takes strength to do what is right. It takes strength to make an effort when it would be easier to make up an excuse. And at the same time, strength comes from doing what is right. Strength comes from the truth. Strength comes from building for the future. Strength comes from effort. Strength comes from persistence. Be strong, and you will get stronger. Your strength will bring triumph. Your strength will bring success. You have strength. Use it and it will bring many good things.

Desire separates the possible from the impossible. Anything is possible if you have a strong enough desire to achieve it. Your knowledge, talents, abilities and resources will naturally be aimed in the direction of your strongest desires. If your strongest desire is to climb a mountain, you'll find a way to do it. If your strongest desire is to sit in front of the TV and eat cupcakes, you'll find a way to do that as often as possible. If your desires seem to lack ambition, perhaps it is simply out of ignorance. We cannot desire what we do not know. Acquaint yourself with the best that life has to offer and your true desires will become more lofty. We're all quite successful at fulfilling our strongest, most genuine desires. What you truly desire you will certainly have. So learn to desire the very best that life has to offer.


If you are reluctant in your efforts, the results will come with the same reluctance. Anything that is attempted grudgingly has only a slight chance at best of succeeding. Your reluctance is telling you something. When you are unenthusiastic about taking action, it means that you're really not committed to being or having whatever that action will bring. You may say every day that your goal is to lose 4% bodyfat in the next six months. You may even have put it down on paper. But if you don't enthusiastically make the effort, day after day, to reach that goal, it is not truly your goal. You don't really want it. There is never any lack of ambition when the objective is compelling enough. Stop following goals you're reluctant to pursue. Find ones that will keep you awake at night with excitement. There is something you really, truly desire. Let go of what the world expects. Touch your very own yearning. Allow it to fill you with ambition, and eagerly go for it


You'll often have the choice between things that are easy and things that truly make a difference. Complaining is easy but it accomplishes little. Solving the problem takes much more effort than complaining, and it also makes a much more positive difference. Sleeping late is easy but what does it get you? By contrast, waking early and going for a brisk walk will likely make your whole day more positive and productive, in addition to being great for your health. Those who continue to choose the easy things become slaves to their basest desires. Those who consistently choose the more rigorous, productive path are rewarded with the ability to live life on their own terms. Easy is enticing. Effort is empowering. Do you want to squander your precious time being enticed and coddled, or will you use that time to build a life of achievement? The choice is always yours, and the results are always of your making.


What things are holding you back, preventing you from reaching your full potential? We tend to avoid thinking about such things, because they can be painful. Or we blame our troubles and lack of progress on someone else. Avoiding the real issue may "feel" better at the moment. Yet it does nothing to move us forward. The moment you honestly and clearly face your limitations, you begin to transcend them. Yes, it involves effort to work on your shortcomings. In the end though, it will be less effort than you would spend continually working against them. Discovering your limitations gives you a powerful opportunity to be more effective. Once you remove something that's holding you back, you're finished fighting it. That gives you more energy to put into achieving your goals. Take a good, hard look at your fears, your assumptions, your weaknesses. Admit them, and put your efforts to over come them into action.

"the only risk that u take in life is not taking any risk at all"

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