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The Spanish Flu’s Second Wave vs

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Master Don Juan
Sep 13, 2019
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Southeast USA
They knew about this virus months ago but have been sitting on their asses crying “hoax.” All the more evidence for incompetence being deadly.
The incompetence belongs to Lefty and Establishment Globalists, like Biden, Obama, Bush43, Clinton, and Bush41, who were all on the same team, selling out American workers, and selling American self-sufficiency for a quick buck.

Trump has been warning about this for 30+years. He and he alone was right, while everyone else, DemonKKKraps and Never-Trumper Republicucks were A L L W R O N G!!!

You people called him "racist" for wanting to return manufacturing to America(Obozo openly MOCKed the idea). You didn't understand his tariffs! You are shameless liars and idiots, and I don't care if I get banned for saying so, because I'm ashamed that people like you are my countrymen.


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