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the phone call

Jun 3, 2002
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daly city

well i got this girls number..i met her in january (the first day of school) because we were in line at the registration and started talking. ok let me get this out of the way: she is christian, so things might be more difficult. ok here's the dillema:

ok a couple i kept running into her throughout the school semester because she had both classes near mine. well on febuay i asked her if she wanted to go for a cup of coffee later that day, and she said that she had to study...so i was cool and like whatever about it (yes i met girls since then, even BEFORE i met her and can still meet alot more), ok then we just ran into each other less and less and then school ended may 14....

so i run into here today (she told me before hand that she doesn't work on wednesdays, but since school is out she increased her hours) we talk for a bit, and she says that it was her b-day a couple of days ago, so reflexivly, without even thinking about it, i was like "ill take you out some time" then she
seemed to get excitted and i suggested saturday but she said that she can't becuase she has to work, so i got her number (i was like, let me get your number so we can get together this summer) she said cool and got her number

now since i got her number i was gonna wait about a week and a half to call...is that cool you think? also, since i asked her out twice already, if she rejects me this time, should i just throw her number to the wolves? it is her cell number, she said that i won't find her at home i guess she is trying to leave mystery into this, maybe she's at church who knows......anyway thanks for your imput until then ill approach approach approach


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Don Juan
Apr 28, 2003
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I'd say throw her number out right now. You've gotten turned down twice already, and she won't give you her home number. If a girl likes you she will either rearrange her schedule to spend time with you or counter-offer. AND she'll give you her home number, even if you don't ask for it. Cell phones #'s are bad unless she doesn't have a home phone, or she gives you both.


Don Juan
Jun 23, 2002
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She gave up the number, so just call her. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose.


Master Don Juan
Dec 24, 2002
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She is Christian or religious, whatever, so she may have her bytch shield up. Some of the snottiest, most stuck up girls I have met are those who go to church. They will try to make things difficult for you at first and play the hard to get routine.

I would not give up so easlily if she is worth pursuing. Give her a call and set up a definite time and place for a date. It is really your call as to how much time and effort you want to put into her. In the past I was pretty strict and nexted a girl if she even flaked once. But, now I have become a little more tolerant.

As to her giving you the cell phone, that has become the norm these days. Almost every girl I have met recently has given me the cell, even those who had high IL. Eventually, they will disclose the home phone number if you date them long enough. But, it is not an indicator of interest or lack thereof.