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The One

Ll Principe

Don Juan
Oct 28, 2006
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South Africa
How does one know if the girl they are dating is the right one for them?

Over time, each guy will tell his partner "I love you" all for it to end up in shambles a few months/years later and than have one doubting oneself.

So, the next time you enter into something and you still say "i love you" than it ends , how could you have trully loved the person if it didnt work out?

Is there another word for it? Besides for Infatuation, im talking a deeper feeling but not quite "love".

How does one know if she is "the one" for the rest of your life? What general qualites are needed for this..


Master Don Juan
Apr 25, 2007
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I think you will benefit a lot from this read from Lovely Lady.
After reading that, you may have to rethink a little bit about your concept on this subject.

So try to take this in, and then see how it compliments your concept about the matter.

The importance of intimacy and it's relationship with trust byLovelyLady


Master Don Juan
Mar 29, 2006
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New York City
I believe that you must learn what qualities you desire. You do not learn this through mental brainstorming, but through experience.

I'm only 21, but I've already learned that obtaining "the one" in your life is not an easy task. There are so many variables that come into play when you're thinking long term with a woman.

I prefer to think that experiencing many different types of women early on is a good route to take. Not just for the sex, but for the experience. Learn what you like. Learn what pisses you off. Learn what the red flags are. Learn what the good signs are.

A lot of chumps jump into relationships way too early just because they can't live on their own. They NEED a partner at all times. In a sense, it's like trying to finish a project in school without doing your research.

Take time to do that research. It's not only fun, but it's life transforming. In the end, it will make your project (life) all the better.

Do you ever see the difference between a young man who has been with his woman for years and a young man who has been single for years? Not in all cases, but in most cases there is a vast difference in drive, confidence, and self-value.

Build these values while you're young (I don't know how old you are), learn what women you prefer by experience, and then finally apply all these things to set out your path in life.

Again, this is just myself. Take from it what you want.


Master Don Juan
Sep 12, 2007
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The Paradise City where the grass is green and the
It's sounds cliche, but you will just know. She's gotta be somebody that you can completely be yourself around, who knows your strengths and weaknesses as a person and complements you...hence the "other half" phrase.

And yeah, she'll completely annoy you at times, but that kinda comes with the territory. Love is part of the equation, a very important part, but you will have to work at it even still.