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"The Matrix" and Becoming a Don Juan

Sgt. Ray

Don Juan
May 19, 2001
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Nampa, ID, USA
I read a thread on the AFS newsgroup in which moving from AFC to Don Juan is like the movie "The Matrix," in that the typical AFC is living in a false reality, and will resist coming to awareness. This resistance takes the form of, "Why can't I just be myself?" "I'm not going to manipulate women, I'm going to find a woman who appreciates me as I am." Try these analogies.

Truth #1 You Are Being Used.

The life you imagine you have is just an illusion, and you are being used. Just as aliens in "The Matrix" use comatose humans as an energy source, the Nice Guy is being used to provide companionship, free drinks, and a non-threatening ego boost. A guy who gets married is surrendering half of his property and guaranteeing her an income for life, dooming himself to a life of servitude while forgoing other sexual opportunities. The AFC is an emotional tampon, allowing women to vent about their mistreatment at the hands of studjocks, without ever being forced to confront their own BS.

Truth #2 Resistance/Hostility to Truths #1 and #3.
see above

Truth #3 Your World Is A Carefully Crafted Illusion

Illusion -Women want Nice Guys

Reality -Women want alpha males, men with money and status, in the long term. In the short term, women are attracted to the excitement of a man who is unpredictable, to the purpose of reforming a man who is bad, and the challenge of getting a user to commit to her.

Illusion -Monogamy Is the Greatest Human Happiness

Reality -The above is true --for a woman. While women seek a long-term relationship with a high status male, men are happiest with a variety of sexual partners.

Illusion -Marriage Is Good and Mature, While Playing the Field Is Immoral and Immature

Reality -This is a line you are being fed in order to keep you in check. So a woman who marries Mr.Bigbucks is mature and moral, while a guy who has LTR's with several women is somehow immature and evil?

Illusion -Monogamy Is the Natural Order of Things

Reality -Monogamy is an aberration. Most societies in human history have allowed a man to have more that one wife. Most mammals and primates are polygamous. Even bird species that were formerly thought to be faithful pairs have now been proven to be "cheaters" by DNA testing.

Illusion -Women Want a Man Who Is Unafraid of Commitment

Reality -The less likely a guy is to commit to a woman (like the guy who has 20 other women in line) the more desirable he is to women. A guy who is unafraid of commitiment is regarded as a loser --if he had more going for him he wouldn't be so eager to commit.

(There are other illusions.)

Truth #4 Since Our Everyday Reality Is an Illusion, the Difference Between Success and Failure is Knowledge of the Truth and the Right Frame of Mind

Once a man grasps the truth and accepts it, a new mind-set of confidence and insight into the nature of women can allow him to accomplish the impossible.


Master Don Juan
May 14, 2001
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YES YES YES, I love this movie!!!

But I guess you already saw my sign below


Don't let the Matrix control reality, take control of your own life starting now!

Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined!