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The hard truth many of you need to hear: 8 reasons you aren’t successful with women.


Jul 19, 2019
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I don't see how it's possible that the median age where you live is 50, the post-wall women are hot but the 30 year olds are fat and ugly. Am I missing something? It sounds like you live in the Twilight Zone.

And this may be the first time I've seen someone wax about the good old days of OLD on the computer, lol. Like the OP said, you need to get out more. I'm glad it's working for you but I don't get how a 35 year old guy can get excited dating 40+ women.
Dude it is 55.9 and 55 for the county to my north. The city I live in within my county is 66.7. I'm seriously not lying dude. From then census.

The large county to my south isnt much better at 50 for median age. My city is called one of the best cities to retire in for a reason.

But yes the ones under 30 heavier.

A hot normal girl who's 23 years old doesn't need old because she still has friends from hs and college.

In this area of FL if you're 65 and single you'd clean up big time down here.


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