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The Facts on Car Accident Deaths and COVID-19

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Jul 27, 2005
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This post is from attorney George Conway, husband of Kellyanne Conway, American pollster, political consultant, and counselor to the president. Believe it or not these two are husband and wife. All of Conway's post can easily be fact checked.

From attorney George Conway:
"For Trump supporters, let me make one thing VERY clear!
For the record NO ONE is blaming the President for the virus. Let me repeat. Coronavirus is not Trump’s fault.
Here’s a detailed list of what we are blaming him for:
* Trump declined to use the World Health Organization’s test like other nations. Back in January, over a month before the first Co-vid19 case, the Chinese posted a new mysterious virus and within a week, Berlin virologists had produced the first diagnostic test. By the end of February, the WHO had shipped out tests to 60 countries. Oh, but not our government. We declined the test even as a temporary bridge until the CDC could create its own test. The question is why? We don’t know but what to look for is which pharmaceutical company eventually manufactures the test and who owns the stock. Keep tuned.
* In 2018 Trump fired Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossart, whose job was to coordinate a response to global pandemics. He was not replaced.
* In 2018 Dr. Luciana Borio, the NSC director for medical and bio-defense preparedness left the job. Trump did not replace Dr. Borio.
* In 2019 the NSC’s Senior Director for Global Health Security and bio-defense, Tim Ziemer, left the position and Trump did not replace the Rear Admiral.
* Trump shut down the entire Global Health Security and Bio-defense agency. Yes, he did.
* Amid the explosive worldwide outbreak of the virus Trump proposed a 19% cut to the budget of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention plus a 10% cut to Public Health Services and a 7% cut to Global Health Services. Those happen to be the organizations that respond to public health threats.
* In 2018, at Trump’s direction, the CDC stopped funding epidemic prevention activities in 39 out of 49 countries including China.
* Trump didn’t appoint a doctor to oversee the US response to the pandemic. He appointed Mike Pence.
* Trump has on multiple occasions sowed doubt about the severity of the virus even using the word hoax at events and rallies. He even did it at an event where the virus was being spread. Trump has put out zero useful information concerning the health risks of the virus.
* Trump pretended the virus had been contained.
* Trump left a cruise ship at sea for days, denying them proper hospital care, rather than increase his numbers in America.
Repeat. We do not blame Trump for the virus. We blame him for gutting the nation’s preparations to deal with it. We blame him for bungling testing and allowing it to spread uninhibited. We blame him for wasting taxpayer money on applause lines at his rallies (like The Wall). We blame him for putting his own political life over American human life. I hope this clears things up."
The Lincoln Project, a group led by George Conway, released a new video criticizing the president's response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

^^^ this post is not a joke
This thread is living on borrowed time now that you have criticized Great Leader. The most pro trump mod will close it soon for being "political."


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Master Don Juan
Jan 14, 2018
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Somewhere where's it's none of your business
Some of you men here are politicking on an issue that has grapple the world over with endless suffering, more so towards those we consider the most vulnerable - low income people in ur own society and of course those that's undergoing emotional pain for the loss of loved ones, cruelly taken away before their time.

I urge you boys to look beyond urselfs and focus instead on those who are struggling to cope.

Stop the complaining and the politicking, instead be part of the solution.

You all can do that by advocating exactly what ur health department guidelines has recommended - push the message out so that others don't take it lightly and thus further the spread.

Don't down play this, it's highly irresponsible.

You guys have been enjoying so many benefits that ur country (it was through the hard work of those that's elderly now) has given to you, its time to pay back.

Season members here should be resourceful and more importantly responsible too.

Remember, many thousands of men are reading through our postings, it's not too far fetched to think that many do in fact take in our words or ideas as gospel.
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