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The Elusive IOIs


Don Juan
Jan 24, 2019
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from timid to low self worth women, the most common IOI I've seen is the look down and brushing their hair to the side, behind their ear, back, also exposing their neck to you at the same time.

from a higher sexual market value woman, straight up hair toss and or gaze right back at you to the point they become the predator.


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Don Juan
Jan 18, 2020
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All a man should do is make a move. If she responds favourably, keep going. If she doesn’t, pull back.

Not brain surgery.


Don Juan
Aug 14, 2018
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I too have resting female dog face. I have to consciously not look like a miserable bastard.

I can't imagine just walking around smiling. It's just not in my DNA but I've been told many times I have a wonderful smile and when I do I've noticed that women who seemed previously oblivious to me seem to look at me and do a kind of re take.

I'm also well built. Not jacked but broad shouldered and this combined with the usual scowl I wear on my face can put alot of women off cos I guess I look dangerous or intimidating. I now try consciously to have a kind of amused, playful half smile. Not quite a smirk but kind of a smirk... I can just about manage that.

So my advice is to just get into the habit of stretching and loosening your face and make a big grin to yourself a few times before you go out, not in public obviously cos you'll look like a maniac, and just try and keep the remnant of that smile on your face. I'm betting that's what your problem is.