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The divorced woman on a rebound?


Don Juan
Nov 19, 2019
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Be wary of women that will talk over you. Add to this that she's probably painting herself as some 'victim' in this soon to be divorce. When you add up a woman that displays a dominant personality mixed with self-denial, it's not a pretty recipe.

On the plus side, you probably won't have to worry about when to make your move. Judging by her personality, if and when she's ready, she'll initiate.
Thanks for the warning. She does talk A LOT over me. Especially over the phone and it pisses me off. Divorce was final before second date. She came down to see me last night. We had sex twice last night, and once this morning. I think at her age, she may be starving for attention and sex. She is "ok" with makeup. I'm not sure what to rate her, anyone have pictures of women rated 1 to 10?

Also it was unprotected sex, no wrap. I never did ask if she was clean. I would hope being in a marriage all those years and says she has not had sex with anyone else since the divorce. I'm going to get testing done. She's a Christian met on a Christian dating app, and goes to Church, and has taken me with her twice in her hometown. So I would hope she would be truthful and say if she had a STD before sex. Too late to ask her about it at this point.

I'll see how Vegas goes with her and then decide to dump to the curb after. I'm still swiping on dating apps to find someone closer. She left this morning to see her parents that live nearby, and then tonight, meeting her for dinner.

Her Con's:
1. talking over me.
2. Her dog.
3. Doesn't like cats, and didn't interact with mine at all. Also this morning she seemed to have allergies from them or something.
4. Major distance between us.
5. Her always talking about her selling makeup (Mary Kay) to clients all the time.
6. Her ****ty driving, can't stay straight on the road, always swerving.
7. Being 50.
8. Wears quite a bit of makeup.
9. Don't like her Church, I go to a different kind.


Master Don Juan
Jun 13, 2016
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I'd slot her as a monthly/2x a month hookup until the pattern is full with better options. Start getting "busy". Trips with guy buddies, events you volunteer at, talk/text less. 1x a day max. Skipping a day if you are already talking daily is a hard threshold to cross. Being out of touch is your best way to introduce the distance.

Build a roster. She will bench herself.