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Taking a Break


Master Don Juan
Aug 27, 2015
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They "gossip". So like a video game where you have a "profile", they may be maintaining a "poor" or "rigged" profile against you. Thus you might have to go to a different environment where you have a better "profile".

The deal I hate about the "gossip" profiles, is they will keep a static profile from when you were at your very WORST, and they will politic against you to keep you stuck in a position which isn't even YOU today. That profile they have for you you can degrade or decrease, but you can NEVER increase.
Now where they have a favoritism towards a person, the profile will be "rigged" to "boost" that person, or allow them to overshadow or "steal" from you. So their profile will have exaggerated attributes in their favor which isn't even them! Kinda like the Cuomo guy lifting the fake 100lbs dumbell.

That weight might be 5lbs if that. So your guys in that environment being boosted don't have to have the attributes as you, and their preferential profile boosts them over you.

So their "favorite" is better in bed, a better guy, a bigger c0ck and NONE of it is actually true... But if you keep dealing with those females, they will make you feel degraded!


Master Don Juan
Oct 12, 2009
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Taking a break is good. But I never understood the concept of leaving an Internet forum. This is not some destination. It’s an entertainment outlet. Like Instagram. You don’t leave Instagram or announce it, lol. You just take a break from it.

This is why I believe humans were meant to live in small clusters. There is no sense of community in big cities and definitely no community for men.

So many men compensate by seeing this forum as an actual destination. I don’t know if Pua lairs exist anymore but it was a great sense of community, despite the pua community being full of BS marketing dogma.

Doctors, lawyers, successful men of all of ages, and even college students would gather in a meeting at some hotel bar, or perhaps someone’s basement. We’d all get drunk and act like it was fight club. Then we’d go out to the bars and hit on women like we were going to war. It wasn’t just about women either. We’d spend all nighters doing hack-a-thons trying to create businesses. Then we’d go to the bars and get laid.

I think this is the appeal of fraternities and clubs like the free masons. It gives you a sense of belonging in a world where masculinity is being attacked from every angle.

If you guys find yourself too emotionally invested in sosuave, perhaps that’s a sign you need to join some community in real life so you don’t compensate here. And if there are none, then start one yourself and instill the same principles you learned here.

You can call it “project sosuave.” There should be a project “sosuave” in every city, lol.
Yeah it is like cancelling a netflix subscription and resubscribing again later like that is supposed to make some statement.


Master Don Juan
Jul 29, 2020
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We bring our emotions to the forum; if you are feeling in excess, maybe you need to add to your Self-Development routine.