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Stop reading and do something

Don Corleone

Don Juan
Oct 15, 2004
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Sin Town
Most of us guys on this site have read hundreds maybe even thousands of posts. Most of them make sense, and we take them into consideration.

We might understand these techniques, but when the opportunity presents itself to actually go out there and apply what we have learned and read, we fold up and go into the same old wuss routine.

How about this. Instead of reading post after post, go out, and actually apply what you have learned. You can set goals, use techniques, use tricks, but whatever you do atleast do it 100%.

If something you learned on this site isnt working particularly well for you then try something else, and try it 100%.

After a while, you will find your style. You might not see perfect results right away but your fear of approaching and meeting women will soon go away.

Make sure you try something because if you don't then you will simply be someone who knows exactly what to do but doesn't ever try anything.

No one is born with every skill. From the moment you are born you have to learn everything, how to talk, how to walk, etc. The only things you dont have to learn are things like breathing, eating etc.

Don't expect to just know how to walk up to a female and get a girlfriend. You have to practice. You didn't ride your bike on your first attempt.

Even the best Don Juan's had to start somewhere. The majority of men aren't born with skillz.

Turn off your computer and go meet someone. Remember, by just talking to a girl you can always gain something: experience, a new friend, a one night stand, or a wife.

"I made her an offer she couldn't refuse"


Master Don Juan
May 23, 2002
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Don Juan
Aug 31, 2004
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im with you here, ive read so much but acted on so little

its crazy i tell you, i see so many hot girls everyday, but instead of approaching, i just shrug it off, like i dont care, i dont know what is wrong with me